We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Randal Gritzner | Author & Retired Science/Physics Teacher

I have always been a story teller. That was a big part of my teaching style and a big part of my personality all my life. Many people over the years told me to put some of those stories on paper and sell a book, so I did. I started writing 3 years before I retired from teaching Science/Physics. I had so much fun writing my autobiography that I decided to write some more. As a child I enjoyed reading, so maybe I should write something similar to what I loved back then. I came up with a series called “The Science Sleuths.” My goal is to influence young minds into reading, Science, education, anything more positive than some of the stuff they are doing now. Reading, Science, and education have impacted my life so positively that I wish for every young mind to take that route. Read more>>

Cinchona King | Nurse & CPR Instructor

My business impacts the community and world by saving lives! My business teaches all age groups how to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation aka CPR. CPR can help save a life if performed correctly. Read more>>

Jennifer Henderson | Travel Content Creator

In 1999 I remember being in my 8th grade Language Arts class. We had just finished reading “The Diary of Anne Frank” and we watched the movie starring to end the unit. At the end of the film I asked my teacher which museum Anne’s diary was in because I really wanted to go see it. Being from the Washington DC area I just assumed that her diary was at one of the Smithsonian museums because if they had Dorothy’s ruby slippers then they had to have Anne Frank’s diary right? I was crushed when he told me the diary was in Amsterdam, because in my mind I would never get to go there because traveling to other countries was for rich people… rich white people to be exact. Read more>>

Lamar Jones | Fatherprenuer – Father/Entrepreneur

The Jank is primarily a gourmet BBQ Sauce wholesale and retail business. We operate as a B-corporation and service based company that provides a healthier alternative in the sauce and condiment industry without compromising on the flavor. Our non-profit Jank Nation, focuses on Social Emotional Learning, financial literacy and entrepreneurship. We provide annual scholarships to graduating seniors and outstanding individuals year round. Service is what we do. Read more>>

Rosa Linda Cruz | Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader & Author

My journey of life has always drawn me to seek trainings, skills, and techniques that allow us to to bring positive energy into our lives especially in times of challenges and hardships. A few years ago I was attending an annual counselors conference that was offering several sessions including laughter yoga. I gravitated toward the presentation and I discovered the beneficial effects of laughter and participated in interactive laughter exercises. Read more>>

Tanner Craven | Soles for Souls; solesforsoulsntx.com; Non-Profit 4013(b); Educators

At Sole for Souls our mission is to provide new athletic shoes to children in our community, so they can live a healthy and active lifestyle, while sharing the message of God. We believe as a faith based non-profit organization that we have a huge impact on our community. Our organization looks to help not only the kids and their families, but also be a service to the school districts in North Texas. Read more>>

Dheandra Nicolette | Content Creator

When I started Manifest Daily it was originally meant to be a podcast that documented my journey. I started sharing stories about what I was struggling with along with changes I was making in my life in order to manifest the life I did want. I never imagined the impact it would eventually have. Read more>>

Andrea Davis | Board Certified Art Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Art Therapy Credentialed Supervisor

Dallas Art Therapy was founded to fill an unmet need in the Dallas area, access to art therapy services for underserved populations. For the past four years, we have provided individual and group art therapy for free or low cost to youth, teens and adults. This year we are expanding by adding wraparound services for families and increased access to art as a social prescription for well being. Read more>>

Walter Wardlaw, Jr. | Author and Publisher

It helps the community and world to hear from authors that are trying to tell their stories. We are a company that works with authors to help them in any way possible get there books out. Read more>>

Ambreen Khan | Fashion Designer & Development Practitioner

Our clothing brand Ambreen Khan is a social enterprise that closely works with Empyrean Foundation that is based in Virginia. Our mission is to provide skills training to the youth mainly women, in the communities in need around the world. We work with Artisan communities in Pakistan, Ghana, and the U.S. For the last 2 years, our focus is to work with women refugees in the DFW area. We are providing professional training in dressmaking that will lead most of the graduates to work and earn decent wages that will lead to their economic sustenance. We believe in giving back to society by supporting women in need through multiple skills. So far we have supported more than 8000 graduates in different countries where we have our programs running. Read more>>