By far, the topic that comes up most in our conversations with entrepreneurs and creatives is risk. We’ve had conversations about risks that worked out and risks that did not. We’ve seen eyes light eye sharing about career-trajectory changing risks as well as folks sigh about the risks they wish they had taken. Below, we’ve selected and shared some of those thoughtful conversations.

Chef Donisha Peters | Chef Personal Chef & Caterer

Risk (teeth cringing)! Oh my goodness, not the “R” word! Risks can be scary at times, they force you to really examine yourself and face your fears. When I was younger I was always taking risk. You now always trying your luck but there was nothing to lose. Well now that I am an adult, mother, wife and business owner things are a little different. I still have the mindset to always run in and ask questions later, however I have had to press pause on my impulsive decision making of my youth. Now I have to think of how it will affect others in my life. “Am I making the best decision for my company?” “How will my husband feel about this?” “How does this affect my time with my kids.” All these are factors I have to think about before making decisions especially the riskier ones. Taking risk are not bad, they help to challenge us and push us closer to our destiny. If we never take risk we would never know the possibilities. I believe that sometimes we have to step out on faith and allow things to happen. Read more>>

Kay Byfield | Art Teacher & Watercolorist

My parents taught me to make decisions between alternatives by weighing the likely costs versus the benefits. When the likely positive outcomes do not outweigh the negative aspects, it is the wrong decision. If I am emotionally drawn to one possible choice, I take that into consideration, but I also try to objectively consider the other options. This minimizes my risks. And, even if my subsequent choice doesn’t work out as well as I hoped, I know that I made the best decision I could with the information I had, so I never second-guess myself. Starting a business I would love was no more risky than looking for a new job that I might hate. Read more>>

Vanae Hudson | Realtor, ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative)

A career in real estate is so in line with risk taking, getting licensed is easy but actually being in the real estate field can be so risky. Real estate is a roller coaster business, everyone knows a realtor so you really have to be on top of y0ur game to get business. Having real estate as a full time career can be a risk because deals can fall through, buyers and sellers can back out and you aren’t really paid until the ink is dry! You have to be willing to put forth a lot of effort without knowing if y0u will be rewarded at the end, it is most definitely a delayed gratification type of career. Read more>>

Tara and Rocky Padilla | Owners of Texan Window Cleaning

A dream is merely just a dream without taking action, and sometimes that action involves risk. There is never a right time for risk taking, one must plan and execute, take the risk, and do the work in order to get to where they want to go. Without risk, taking that leap, and putting in the work, one may never know their full potential. We too were once scared of taking risks, entrepreneurship is scary and unpredictable, but can also be exciting if you put in the work! We are so glad we got outside of our own heads and decided to take risks, as we continue to grow year over year not just business wise, but mentally as well. Had we not taken that first risk and ventured out to become business owners, we might be stuck still dreaming of our full potential, rather than living to reach just that. Read more>>

Kara Farley | Direct Primary Care Physician & Veteran Naval Flight Surgeon

A mentor once told me there are three characteristics that can lead to professional success: hard work, education and risk taking. Success is driven by hard work and a strong foundation of an education. However if I wanted to achieve the highest level of professional success, I would have to take risks, because without risks there is no innovation or reward. I worked hard to graduate magna cum laude from Baylor University as a scholarship athlete. I took a risk and accepted a scholarship from the United States Navy for Medical School and served as a Naval Flight Surgeon for nine years. I worked hard in medical school and residency, so I could be the best physician for my patients. I continue to work hard to give my patients a higher level of care and take every opportunity to continue to grow my medical education. When it came time for me to end my military career, the COVID-19 pandemic had just started. I took another risk and created a COVID-19 screening application for small businesses that allows them to safely remain open. Read more>>

Bonnie Love | Esthetician/Rda

Risk taking has definitely had a huge impact on my life. I mean when we really think about it , we have been taking risks from the moment we took control over our own life , from the moment we risk to fall when we take that first step. Risk taking for me has been intensified but I don’t regret one thing. From making decisions to have a child, from marriage to divorce , from career change to entrepreneurship , RISK TAKING has definitely played its part in my life but without it I wouldn’t be able to say I’ve accomplished what I have at my age , with three beautiful healthy children and support bigger than I could ever imagine. Risk is the reason for me, and why I continue to do what I love so passionately. During this pandemic we all took huge risks , small business owners especially, it isn’t something light to take on when you have risked everything to continue to run a business you love, but unfortunately due to the nature of the year we all had a lot of risk taking to take place , for many including myself it was definitely a challenge but I’m forever grateful for the continued support or my clients and their business. Read more>>

Victor and Misty Villarreal | Owners of La Onda Latin Seafood

I think risk are a necessary thing for diving into any type of business. Through out my career. Being scared of the possibilities and risk. Trusting myself to work through them, helped me adjust into a ownership role. My wife and business partner Misty has a similar view on life, us both being in the service industry for most of our lives helps us to trust each other in decisions. Read more>>

Karl Berry | Founder CCRC 501c3 Ninprofit

Without pain there is no growth. Fear impacts risk, both fear of failure or fear of success. The challenge of associated risks comforts with the courage requires take action. Risks excites me because of tge reeards it bears. I gain confidence and the associated adrenaline makes ne feel good about myself. Logic reminds me failure most often is temporary and education is the byproduct of challenge. The trill of pursuit confirms my faith. One of tge quotes i enjoy is ” a mans reach should exceeded his grasp why else ere there be a heaven” Bottom line risk feeds confidence and builds trust. Read more>>

Edgar Rodriguez | Tattoo Artist

I think that taking risks is necessary to grow as a person and an artist. It definitely plays a big role when starting your own business and being in an artistic career. While looking for an apprenticeship at a tattoo studio I knew I was basically taking an a second full time job. I wouldn’t be getting paid so I was taking a big risk by adding extra expenses to my life while making less money. There was no guarantees that I would successfully complete my apprenticeship, or that I would even have a job coming out of it. Once I completed my apprenticeship I had to make the decision of moving to a new city where I did my apprenticeship, or finding a new studio to work at in my home city of Dallas. Luckily, all of the risks I’ve taken since deciding to become a tattooer have paid off. I can say with certainty that I would not have grown artistically or in my career without taking risks. Read more>>

V’Angelo Smith | Independent Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Enthusiast, and Community Service Activist

Risks have played a huge role in my life. I wouldn’t be in the position I am today. In order to be a entrepreneur, you must take a risks. It started with me fresh out of high school. I could have went to college for academics at a 4 year college, but I took a risk to play basketball at a 2 year community college. I ended up going to University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff on a full scholarship after I left that 2 year community college. So, fast forward, I left corporate America to independent personal trainer and I love it. Read more>>