We asked some brilliant folks from the community to tell us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Kelerick | Artist & CEO of Dawn Entertainment, LLC , Dent Graphixs

Operating a business and my career has taught me several lessons. One being that all so famous quote in business that “Scared Money, Don’t Make No Money”. I’ve learned that throughout the few years I have been in operation. Businesses require investment in two ways in my opinion. That is a money and time investment. Period. No matter what type of business you have you can not be scared to invest in it. Investing is not just in the products or the thing you are selling. Invest in other things that will help create longevity for your business like marketing, promotion, graphic and web design. These are the things that make your business stand out from the rest. Spend time with your ideas sit with them for a while before presenting it. Read more>>

Madi Calhoun | Actor & Social Media Manager

My career, diverse as it has been, has taught me to say yes to every opportunity. I’ve experienced firsthand that old adage, “Work begets work.” Many of the successes I’ve found have come from the most surprising and unexpected places. And often, they’re complete departures from what I had planned for myself. I began doing hair, wig, and makeup work during a semester in college when I hadn’t been cast in any of our shows. That led to years of employment with the Fort Worth Opera and Texas Ballet Theater. I agreed to live and perform for 2 months in LA with no money in the bank, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I founded my creative agency after feeling complacent with the theatre, something I had trained for my whole life. It’s my proudest accomplishment and things are only looking up. You never know where the next job or opportunity will take you, so you have to say yes. Read more>>

Brian Wolff | Songwriter, Guitarist, Vocalist & Podcaster

Being a professional musician in a place like Austin, Texas (“The Live Music Capitol of the World”) I’ve learned one of the most important things is to always be doing lots of things and in turn, always staying busy. Putting too much of myself into any one part of my career and neglecting the others has never proven to have been the right move, for me. The most recent example I can think of is since the pandemic began, I’ve been posting these song performance videos once a week from around the apartment. I’ve been going back and forth between covers and originals. Well, about 2 weeks ago, Facebook decided to suddenly shut down my ad account and totally squash my organic reach with no explanation and no warning. I still can’t get anyone at Facebook to explain what is going on. Read more>>

Elizabeth Dryden | Southwest Contemporary Artist

The most important lesson my career as a professional artist has taught me over the years is to believe in myself. To make art that comes from my heart and realize it might not be for everybody and that is ok. That is what makes art and each individual’s likes and dislikes so unique! I have had people tell me that the only way Id make money as an artist is “after I die”, or “don’t quit your day job” statements, or it would be impossible for me to be an artist because I didn’t look the part. I’ve had galleries tell me my prices were too high, and at the same time galleries telling me that my prices were too low. When you are doing something “different” than the norm, I feel like it is easy for people to judge or disapprove because they may not fully understand who I am and just how much I am willing to work for something I believe in. This is my dream and I had to learn that only I can accomplish it, regardless others opinions and free advice. Read more>>

Abbie Beck | Owner & Photographer

The most important thing I’ve learned throughout my career is that your career path isn’t set in stone – don’t be afraid to make a change! My whole life, my dream career was to work at SeaWorld with dolphins. When I was 28, I accomplished my goal after 20 years of working toward it! At first, it was an absolute dream, and then I had my daughter. Suddenly, 5:00 am start times and 10:30 pm end times were less appealing, and no amount of sea lion kisses could make up for not getting to have any days off with my husband for 2 years in a row. My husband and I talked and prayed about it, and I made the brave decision to say “No” to my lifelong dreams, and start a new career as a photographer! 2.5 years of hard work later, and I’m happier than I ever was at SeaWorld! Read more>>

Faye Francisco | Designer and Founder of Lumikha by Faye

The most important lesson I learned is to accept that things won’t ever be perfect and that no matter how much time you spend planning anything can happen. It’s best to just start and learn as you go. Read more>>

Bethanie Brewer | Master Colorist

That not everyone is going to be cheering you on and proud of your accomplishments. You have to be your biggest supporter and believe in yourself one hundred percent. Read more>>

Frankie Ortiz | Booking Agent – The ReUp Agency

Well that’s a question I’ve been waiting to answer for a good while… I mixed pleasure with business…Partied everyday and got so behind on my work that it was impossible to catch up.. I let my out of control addiction get the best of me and completely took over my life….Biggest Mistake I could ever make!!! It not only caused me to lose everything I’ve worked for but also my reputation, credibility, and my relationship with alot of really awesome people in the music industry…I apologize to everyone from deep down within my soul All because of some bad decisions that I made.. I’ll never go down that road again. Lesson Learned… The Future Is Bright – The ReUp Agency will take place of A2B from here on out.. Despite the pandemic I will continue to build and most importantly repair my relationship with those I let down… Read more>>