We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Victoria Samone | Entrepreneur and Educator

The most important factor behind the success of 4 The Culture Studio and myself is definitely community! From the very beginning I have had the support of many creators, curators and influencers in the Dallas area. Word of mouth has become my #1 marketing tool. I pride myself in offering value and convenience to my customers, who in return tell others about their great experience at our space. By remaining consistent and creating a positive culture within our community, we have been able to thrive and survive after being closed for months due to the pandemic. More than anything we have to give credit to our community for uplifting and constantly supporting 4 the Culture Studio. Read more>>

Suzy Mighell | Influencer

I think the most important factor is my authenticity! Everything about Empty Nest Blessed is ME – from the colors on my website to the emojis I use in my Instagram captions! I’m just myself, and since I’m an empty nester myself, I’m speaking to a group of my peers. Women are complex and multi-faceted creatures, and our interests are as diverse as we are! The topics I cover on Empty Nest Blessed reflect that, and they’re topics that are interesting to me and to most women over 50. We talk about everything from tips for aging lips (!) to “parenting” adult kids. (And everything in between.) I share my challenges, joys, and struggles with my followers, and always strive to be true to my calling to encourage, inspire, and bless them. Read more>>

Casey O’Connor | Creator of Bitty Boomers

Drive. Continuing to push, and push through roadblocks. Having faith in the brand, but at the same time pivoting when it’s needed, and being able to realize moments you need to pivot. Understanding that you never know everything and it’s constantly a learning process. Read more>>

Bradley Rodgers | Agency Owner/Partner & Asset Protection Specialist

I got started in the insurance/financial services industry at a young age. I spent many years shadowing and preparing to open my own insurance agency. During my early years in the business I was able to see exactly what other business owners in my field were doing and implementing for both their customers and employees. I was able to observe and learn what I would do in my business to be different – to provide both a better client experience and work environment. I saw what did not work and learned first hand what other businesses did to make our field more difficult. When I finally set out to open an insurance agency I took all those experiences and implemented them into my agency setting certain expectations for myself, my employees and even clients. Overall my success is heavily owed to those I’ve teamed up with and aligned with my business. Without these partners and employees our insurance agency would not be where it is today. Read more>>

Rena Lawrence | Historic Site Supervisor

Log Cabin Village would be nothing without our wonderful historical interpreters and the amazing warmth and human connection they provide. They are the ones who facilitate moments of magic, curiosity, and wonder for visitors from age 3 to 93 (and beyond) from all around the world. It’s always been very important to me that we hire engaging and interesting people, whether they have a background in history or not. We can teach them history; it’s more difficult to teach true, genuine kindness and compassion. I once read a national museum visitor study that indicated a large percentage of visitors didn’t feel like museum staff in general cared whether they were there or not. I’m very proud of the fact that visitors to Log Cabin Village leave KNOWING they are important to us and that we care about them. We work to build a genuine connection in the brief time visitors are with us. We strive to build and maintain a workplace where our employees feel cared for, valued, and encouraged to take risks as well. Read more>>

David Rippner | Co Founder of The Mobility Marketplace

Trust!!! In order to maintain a sustainable business you have to establish trust from your customers, employees, and partners. Setting proper expectations with everyone is paramount. Additionally, when you create programs and solutions that are mutually beneficial, then you have a recipe for long term success. Read more>>