We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Stacy Cate | Realtor for Compass, focusing in far North Dallas area

I think the most important factor to my success is basically to accept that failure is not an option. I tend to have laser focus when it comes to how I run my business. With that, I have never looked at any given obstacle and thought to myself ” well this is the one that will end it all” I always look at obstacles as opportunities, ways to expand my problem solving skills and formulate a result that will take me to the next step. As a Realtor, my goal is to be the ‘problem solver’ for my clients so that their goals are reached. Read more>>

Staci Shaw | Cookie Artist

Honestly, I’d have to say it’s my husband/partner, Travis. Without him, I probably would have given up before I even really started. I am an all-or-nothing type of individual and that can cause some major issues when trying to start up my own business. I tend to see everything in black and white, pass or fail. And while that can help me work harder than some, it also puts a lot of stress on my shoulders. Even though it’s usually self induced, Travis is always there to support me and help carry any burden I may have. He has taught me a lot about perseverance and that success is not linear. Progress is success. Read more>>

Adam Bhaloo Devan Dave | High School Students

Our goal in creating the chess club was always driven by our desire to educate and spread not just chess, but valuable lessons to the youth. We want to provide positive role models as we share the game of the geniuses of the world. We learned to play chess at a young age and we can attest that the ability to think ahead is very applicable to your daily life, now and in the future. After the main chess academy closed, many lacked the proper mentorship to better themselves at chess. We saw this vacuum and used it spread our club to many, as well as capitalize on a lack. There is a reason most buisnesses are created in a vacum. Chess to us transformed from just a game into a way to positively impact the community with an impressionable service. It’s our sheer passion to spread chess to others around us that have greatly impacted our success. Read more>>

Jonathan-Blake E. Zananiri | Founder & Maker

Per the business model: to realize the creativity and ideas of clients through each collaboration and distinctively-made piece has proven to be the foundation of Lineage Leather. Developing relationships with clients and becoming a trusted craftsman has allowed me to become the “neighborhood leather guy”. I also believe clients’ realization of their own creative depth in a piece that I have made provides another level of relationship seldom realized through mainstream retail goods. In turn, this has not only allowed for many special projects but repeat clients that become friends of Lineage. Read more>>

Benjamin Anthony | Photographer & Videographer

The most important factor behind my success has been limiting distractions and creating a balance between fun and business. I try my best to stay focused on the bag. “Focus On The Bag” is a slogan I use to remind myself that I could be using my time wisely. Distractions come from all angles and I have to self motivate myself to stay the course. Furthermore, I have a passion for being a photographer so it feels like my job is fun. Read more>>

Kennedy Knight | Event & Wedding Planner

I began Knighted Affairs out of a genuinely love of service and the desire to play a small role during life’s celebrations. My company’s mantra is “There is Always a Reason to Celebrate with Knighted Affairs” – we embody this by allowing others to bask in the joy of their wedding day, baby shower, birthday party, and every other event in between by handling the potential stressors of event planning. That way, my clients and brides are able to be fully present and make memories to last a lifetime. The most important factor in allowing this exchange to occur is simple: Relationships. As I mentioned before, I built my company through the lens of service; however, when a client books an event with me, I want to know about themselves before I ask about the event. Read more>>

Elijah ‘BOSSLIFE LITO’ BURGOS | Chief Executive & Head of A&R

Consistency, constantly finding new ways and new people to be innovative. You want to keep everything fresh, I think content is key in the process of building a successful brand. If your not excited about the little steps then no one else is. Show every step of the process, every little win leading to the big ones. Consumers like to feel like they have grown along side the company they are supporting. Read more>>

Seth Morgan | Brewery Owner/Head Brewer/Head Janitor

I believe it’s critical to always seek out solutions that provide a win for all stakeholders. It’s usually easier in the short term to pick solutions that are quick and give you instant rewards. This isn’t necessarily always a negative, but if you want to impact greater success that surpasses well beyond you individually, you must work for the better long-term solutions. This typically includes some compromise and almost always takes a path that’s not as swift as you would like. IN the end, showing everyone that you come in contact with that their goals are just as important as your own builds trust and dynamic strength in numbers! Be thoughtful, don’t compromise your values, but also respect the values of others. Read more>>