Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Nick Huff | Knife Maker and Artist

Boy howdy! That’s a good question. I create tools for people to navigate the cutting tasks the may encounter. I believe being prepared increases the ease and quality of life. I also provide a product that lets a person express their individuality, and have something no one else does. Read more>>

Jenna Hill-Higgs | Liberty Lounge Owner

After teaching teenagers for 20 years, I got the opportunity to open a neighborhood bar in one of my favorite communities. The building itself has been part of the gay bar scene for years. As a child raised by lesbians, the idea to create a safe space and to continue to have inclusive bar in our area was important to me. But I wanted to do more than just create another local place. When I sat down to write my business plan I discovered that what I truly wanted was to give back and to support my community. You can have a drink anywhere but when you come in to Liberty, I want people to know that they’re having a drink and they’re changing the world. One of the first things I started was when a patron tabbed out, they would also vote for a charity. At the end of the month, whoever had the most votes I would donate part of my paycheck to that charity. Read more>>

Ciara Ross | Founder of Tenacitymodels | Model & Etiquette Coach

Tenacitymodels is A Tenacious sorority; We collectively specialize in Sowing Seeds of Knowledge & life skills into younger generations through mentorship and Fashion. Young people need direction, guidance and positive examples. Every social engagement has an etiquette to learn and our passion is to show you how to incorporate grace into your everyday interactions.  Virtuous, Intellectual, Eloquent, Women’s Development   Catering to ages 13years and up Services include  Life & Social Skills training ,Fashion & Runway Techniques, Age Appropriate Dining Etiquette   Domestic/ International Travel Etiquette ,Sisterhood & Mentorship workshops and Entrepreneurship development. Over the years mentorship and proper life skills in many professions has become obsolete the illusion of social media has depicted a different message, however we continue to implement the importance of self development and quality relationships which therefore improves community relationships. Read more>>

Jennifer Ford | Executive Director

For over 40 years, the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas has been dedicated to providing resources and support for people with Down syndrome, their families, and the community. When families first receive a Down syndrome diagnosis, they are often overwhelmed by a mix of emotions and questions. Many know absolutely nothing about Down syndrome and others may have preconceived notions about the condition. At this early time of diagnosis, the Down Syndrome Guild is able to provide hope, education, and support through its New Parent Program. The New Parent Program consists of providing families with an informational welcome packet and connecting them with trained parent volunteers called First Call Parents. The New Parent Program also aims to connect other families in the same life stage through a variety of social and educational offerings like music classes, informational seminars, and more. Read more>>

Skywalker Payne | Storyteller, Energy Healer, Author

Vibrant Velvet Voice Productions mission is to create compassionate community by helping individuals and organizations recognize and express their vibrant velvet voice. What is your vibrant velvet voice? It is the complete essence of your experiences, beliefs, and feelings freed of external influences. We help heal ancestral, racial, and spiritual wounds through story circles, energy healing, educational and entertaining events. Read more>>

Chelora | Drag Queen & Twitch Streamer

Being a social media/live streaming content creator, my business helps the community and the world by providing (and/or helping provide) content that I think is beneficial to any age range, sexuality, ethnicity, gender identity, etc. An online platform allows anyone from around the globe to experience the art of drag, the importance of LGBTQ2IA+ rights, creating a safe space (as it is still illegal to identify as LGBTQ2IA+ in some parts of the world), however outside of my personal channel, I’ve assisted with events such as Reclaiming My Time, an all-Black online convention that helped discuss topics such as Black Lives Matter and Black transgender visibility. The effort I personally try to make, whether it is on my channel/s, or assisting with the projects of others, helping advocate for what is important and doing your best to contribute in whatever beneficial way you can, matters. Helping minorities and those who need it is its own reward. Read more>>