Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Stefanie Tovar | Founder of Hanuman Homies, Storyteller, Singer and Healer

Hanuman Homies provides tools of Yoga and Mindfulness to support Youth, Families, and Adults in coping with the many stressors of life. We cannot always control what happens to us in life, but with resources we may be able to cope and respond to what happens to us in a way that can help us move forward with clarity, wisdom, and love. We do what we can to provide tangible resources as well and invite the community take part in helping us support one another through donation drives and donation wellness practices. We also look forward to being back at Klyde Warren Park to provide Free Wellness to all. We believe that wellness is a human right, not a privilege. And we hope to help inspire accessibility to wellness for all. Healing Arts with Stefanie is another expression of my heart that also hopes to champion wellness as a way to live throughout our modern lives. My mission is to help people awaken to what wellness means within us and among us through offerings of collective storytelling. Read more>>

Devonte Howard | Videographer, Photographer, Director & Content Creator

I wanted my business and my work to have influence to the people from related circumstances yet empowerment and have confidence with themselves and their products. Also, confidently exposing other businesses with video content to bring value in their market. Read more>>

Shardae Walker-Simpkins | Herbalist & Birth Doula

A Hippie Place Shop has provided women both locally and nationwide with an oasis and safe space for holistic healing through teachings. Each teaching is drawn from personal & professional experience to show others how to live holistically while inspiring and teaching them how to take charge of their own wellness with joy, intention, and mindfulness. All of the products carried in the online holistic shop are all hand made with love and care to further support our mission for empowerment, education and liberation. For us, self-care is more than a radical concept—it’s a lifestyle commitment. Read more>>

Kevin and Marcie Thompson | Kevin & Marcie Thompson } Artist & Author, CHMC

Minimal Metal Art shares the meaning behind the minimalism revival. This revival is a distinct nudge toward simplicity. The minimalist lifestyle will do two things extremely well clear your heart and reveal your purpose. The definition if you look it up of minimalism is humble. In our humility of learning through life challenges we can be placed in a fire of sorts certainly 2020 had its challenges. In our humility of learning through each challenge, we yearn to find significance in our relationships. The “Spheres of Influence” and our “Unity” collection(s) serve to hang in our follower’s homes, businesses, and churches as a reminder to be humble. Minimal Metal Art is a uniquely hand-ground art produced through many layers of grinding revealing an incredible holographic brilliance. Our signature layer is the flame painting that also conveys our message “Find Your Fire”. Just as we are tested the metal is tested as it moves from an amber color to it’s deepest darkest hues of blue. Read more>>

Denise Huginnie | Founder & President – Impact Focus, LLC

Impact Focus connects mission-driven organizations, financial institutions and corporations that seek to positively impact society through sustainable programs related to youth development, financial literacy, workforce development, housing and community development. We also specialize in creating social impact partnerships and outreach programs for credit unions and community banks that leverage today’s cutting edge technology. Read more>>