We’ve been fortunate to connect with so many brilliant, thoughtful entrepreneurs and creatives and we regularly ask them about the most important lessons they’ve learned over the course of their careers. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Portia Hambrick | Model

Staying true to myself as far as my morals, boundaries and my rates is something that I think is very important when modeling or starting a business in general. I have come across several instances where these 3 things have been tested, questioned, or challenged. There have been times that I did stand strong in my decision and sometimes I have been persuaded otherwise. However it is all a learning experience, and I am being forced to be more assertive which has been uncomfortable but it has helped me grow as a model and as a person. Read more>>

Malcolm Liverpool | Digital Creator & Digital Marketer

Believing in myself is the most important lesson I’ve learned since starting my career. No one likes to be uncomfortable, and the unknown is uncomfortable for most people. The hardest barrier for me to get over starting out, was getting comfortable with the unknown and the unpredictable. I had to get comfortable with failure, and getting comfortable with failure was something new for me. But I don’t look at failure as defeat, I view it as a learning experience. Failure has taught me my greatest lessons. Read more>>

Josh Brown | Owner and Founder of Cryo Nation

When I first started this business almost 10 years ago, I used to pray for fewer “fires” (chaos). Over time, I have learned to instead pray to be a better firefighter. I learned that it is flawed logic to wish for fewer fires as I can only expect larger and more frequent fires the further I progress in the business and in life. When I was in the army they always used to say “Embrace the Suck!”. I hated that phrase at the time as even though I knew what it meant I had not yet internalized that truth yet at that point of my life in my early 20s. However, if you want to be amongst the best in business (or in any endeavor that you undertake) and have a large impact, Read more>>

Delia Gonzales | Lash Tech

I started from just selling lashes (which I still do) to doing lash extensions. The beauty industry is such a huge demand. After about 6 months of selling lashes I started noticing my regulars tell me you should do lash extensions. I was like is that really the in thing now? I started to notice on my social media lash extensions pictures and supplies and even a few friends that were posting pictures. My daughter even wanted to do it. I found someone to help me along my journey. She has been an amazing mentor and still pushes and motivates me to keep going. The beauty industry can be tough. Read more>>

Elena Sanchez | Camouflage/Scalp Micropigmentation Artist & Master Trainer

Thankfully I have had a career that has taught me that in order to build consistent success I first have to build a human connection. This is why I make it a priority that any one I interact with feels seen, heard and valued. I have successfully built professional relationships with people of various cultures and backgrounds. Public speaking is a hurdle that I overcame as a traveling trainer. Undergoing rigorous panel reviews have taught me that preparation is just as important as the work itself. Read more>>