Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Jay Simon | Photographer

When it comes to concert photography, I think most people expect the photographer to just be hanging out backstage with the band and casually getting the shots you need throughout the show. When you’re covering the show for the venue or a publication, you spend most of your time waiting around, often sequestered in a backroom or hallway. At larger shows, you and the other photographers are escorted out to a predetermined photo location (usually just in front of the stage or back by the soundboard) and you have the first three songs to get your photos and then you’re outta there! It can get pretty stressful dealing with difficult shooting locations, limited time available, challenging lighting, and working around other photographers – trying not to get in each other’s way. You just have to keep your cool and get the shots!. Read more>>

DANII OLIVER | Beverage Anthropologist, Owner Farm & Brewing Conservation Ranch

Outsiders are probably unaware of the bias, discrimination, abuses and rampant legal violations (labor laws and human rights neglect) being committed against Women, BIPOC and LGBTQ citizens trying to earn a living at something they love doing in my industry. Read more>>

Naxomi | Music Artist, and Mental Health Advocate

Its a lot of hard work, you have to work really, hard and believe in yourself. there will be times when you want to quit, but in order to make it you have to be very hard working and consistent. Read more>>

Kelsey Scribner | Venue Owner – The French Farmhouse Venue

The wedding industry is nothing anyone can prepare for. You are a part of the single most important day of a couples life, the day they will remember forever. So obviously the place is so important and we are so blessed that so many couples have chosen The French Farmhouse Venue to get married at. We love to make every bride feel like family and with myself being young and most of my friends getting married at this time I feel like I am a part of planning a different “friends” wedding (sometimes 3) every weekend. The wedding venue is typically one of the first things a couple does after or these days before they are even engaged. Therefore, at the time of the wedding I have gotten to know the couples for a year or even more! Being family owned it is just my mom, dad and I that run the place. My dad built all the fences, my mom designed and built the venue, I do tours, marketing and it’s all hands on deck on the weekends. Read more>>

Shraboni Bhowal | Artist at ShraboniArtGallery

Like any other industry, there are lots of things in the Art industry which people are not aware of. for example, I can tell you when you see any portrait or painting which you like or dislike and if the artist changes a couple of his brushstrokes your perspective will change, it takes only a couple of wrong brushstrokes to destroy your painting. What I mean to say is even though some art may look very easy but each artist and art has its own journey. Read more>>

Mike Christian | CEO of From the Future

Virtual and augmented reality, collectively known as extended reality (XR), are going to change how we learn and interact in ways that will surprise most people. Learning has evolved from telling stories around the campfire to today’s interactive content via computers. Now, with XR, we are in the computer and our brains are engaged in learning by doing but in a hyper visual way that is beyond reality. Immersive learning has the potential to give us the visuals and techniques that geniuses use to learn and process information. Brace yourselves. Read more>>