Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Emely Turish | Plus Size & Queer Inclusive Blogger

Something that people probably don’t know is how much work goes into being a social media “influencer” or content creator, as I prefer to say. To most, it might looks like so much fun to receive products for free or go to events (pre-covid). While that is very true, it’s so much more than that. There’s creating concepts for campaigns, shooting, editing, engaging with my amazing audience, researching brands, pitching my own brand, I could do on. There’s so much behind the scene that goes on. Read more>>

Alondra Islas | Hair Artist

One thing about the industry that outsiders are unaware of is that, it’s not about “JUST DOING HAIR”. There is alot more that goes behind the scenes that we do not talk about. We go through alot of physical, mental and emotional stress at one point in our career and we don’t talk about that half of the time. Why? Because it’s not about us? It’s about making our clients feel beautiful. But then again how can we make our clients feel beautiful when we are going through all of this stress inside of us right.? Sometimes we just need a break! It doesn’t matter if it’s from actual work or maybe just social media (social media can be draining at times as well), but a break to find ourselves again so that when we come back, we are back 100x stronger than before. We are always trying our best to be the BEST that we forget about our well-being and one thing that I am learning from being in the industry is that my well-being has to be my number one priority in order to continue my career. Read more>>

Sara Hall | Barre + Cycle Instructor | Entrepreneur

How hard it is to hear the name ‘Peloton’?! Ha. But seriously, the fitness industry on the whole is still so largely on the decline. For good reason- gathering in numbers isn’t currently safe. I think that so many of us in this industry are doing the absolute best we can to maintain safety standards and abide by mask policies and social distancing that we are actually safer than your average grocery store. In a small group of peers that I’ve talked to, we have all lost 75% of our membership to Covid. This industry has razor thin margins as it is, and then the compound of not having high head counts, and still feeling pressured to maintain low pricing is going to send a lot of your favorites out of business. I think before I was in this business, I assumed that the high membership price meant that fitness studios were amazingly profitable. What I did not realize is that there is really high overhead because it’s such a high touch business. I live for someone saying my name in class and someone asking about my day and really meaning it. I don’t want to see that disappear. I hope we never exchange community and in person humanity, no matter what trials we have to overcome to experience it. Read more>>

AK Ali | Realtor®

I think the biggest thing would be the perception of real estate agents and the industry. TV shows have really glamorized the world of real estate sales. This business is not just showing expensive homes and collecting checks. There’s a lot of tedious work that goes on in the background. Anyone can search and find a home on the internet now. Dealing with the agent on the other side of the transaction, meeting deadlines with inspections, negotiating repairs, making sure the lender is on top of things to close on time, filling out the contracts to make sure it’s benefitting your client….. the list goes on and on. There’s just a ton of stuff that happens during a real estate transaction that outsiders are unaware of. Read more>>