Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Brent Rankin | Mortgage Broker & Credit Educator

A common misconception that I hear all the time is, “credit repair companies can’t do anything you can’t do”. While this may have some physical truth to it, knowledge is power. Most of our clients have tried to repair their credit on their own before deciding to use our service. Oftentimes, they are surprised that we can get results that they could not get on their own. Read more>>

Melissa Smiley | Owner/Esthetician/Happiness Enforcer

We are self-esteem builders. We know when it comes to waxing the first thought that comes to mind for most people is the waxing scene in the movie, The 40-Year-Old Virgin. It’s our passion to show our clients that there is so much more to the service than just *cough pain* and hair removal. So many clients are completely unaware how little it hurts, how long the results last, and how clean and smooth they feel for weeks to come. Read more>>

ELWOA | Producer & Sound Designer

Sound creatives are truly the unsung heroes. The industry moves rather quickly, but creatives must take their time to provide a potentially fresh sound for producers. I’ve seen it happen with virtual instruments such as Nexus and ElectraX. These synths alone have been employed to make sounds used frequently the last ten years in electronic production. Most people don’t know the tools utilized to make popular songs, but they are familiar with certain sounds made from these tools which are used in modern production consistently. Read more>>

Stephanie Scheller | Founder, Grow Disrupt

Designing and producing educational events for small business owners has a lot of nuance that is unseen by the majority of outsiders. Beyond the fact that putting on events is about so much more than putting together a great line-up of speakers and content to attract attendees, one of the biggest misconceptions is the speaker fee system. Speaker’s time is valuable. The more time they’ve put into cultivating their speaking skill and designing content that is unique and helpful, the more they tend to charge. The more notorious they are, the more they charge. These speaking fees can run tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. On top of venues, catering and staff fees, putting on real events gets expensive quickly. Read more>>

Colin Holmes | Author – Thunder Road

Thunder Road is my first published novel. Most people believe that coming up with the idea and writing the 85,000-word book is the hard part. Once I finished the novel, the selling part of writing began, starting with trying to sign with a literary agent. Most publishers only want to work with an agent who has vetted the author’s work and finding that representation can be a real challenge. In my case, I never found an agent who wanted to handle a story as unique as Thunder Road. The book is a homage to my adoptive hometown of Fort Worth – it opens western spin then moves to a traditional noir detective story with a science fiction twist. Read more>>

Lisa F | Owner/creator: Yogi Hollow Farm YouTube

Many new homesteaders do not realize the monetary investment that goes into start up. Animals, feed, buildings, etc are expensive. Sure we can be cautious and limit costs but it is expensive to start a farm even if reusing or using cheap materials. For example, we built a pig barn and run as cheaply as possible but it cost us a bunch when all was said and done. That did not include animals or feed. Just structures and fencing. Read more>>

Sha Hornsby | Creator + Host, Cool Careers Podcast

I am now a podcaster! This is a new title I am still adjusting to but I am definitely having fun in this new space. The podcasting arena is very diverse one but there is a common theme. Creativity! I have noticed that many podcasts are born to Creators of many things and the podcast is just one of many creations. Coming from the corporate world, interacting and learning from creative people is unexpected yet rewarding. The energy is fun and vibrate–loving it! Read more>>