Most people say they want success, but when you ask them what success means you get wildly different responses.  We recently asked some of the best and brightest in our community to tell us about how they define success and have shared their responses below.

Jordyn Moon | Witch & Psychic

I am always in competition. I am always in competition with myself. I have no reason to look to other companies or psychics and view what i might perceive as their success. By competing with myself, I reach my own defined goals I have set. This keeps me humble. I celebrate my own wins, but never stop. I don’t define success….. because by putting a label on it will limit me. Perhaps success is truly just happiness. Read more>>

Shae Searight | Owner & Creator

As society defines it or Webster’s definition? Society tells us we should have a certain type of car, number of followers, money etc in order to be deemed successful. I am here to tell you my success is internally defined and is measured on what I can accomplish based on the goals I have set for myself for the day, week or year. I also deem my successes as “wins”. One day a win will be cleaning my craft room, on another day it can be organizing my tools, another is simply saying, “I’m not doing anything today”. Read More>>

Hannah Barrow | Ecommerce Professional & Fashion Entrepreneur

Personally, success means that I am impacting other women, I have attained some wealth so that I can take care of myself and others. Success is also being able to travel on a whim, not work for anyone else, and also being able to grow my business from the ground up. Success has many different meanings to me, and there’s not one destination where success happens. Anytime I get a salary increase in a new role, secure new ecommerce clients, or make sales with my online business, I feel successful. Read more>>

Ishia Hodges | CEO of Twisted Cheesecakes

I define success by the willingness to know that everything that happens within your business will not be perfect. You’ll make mistakes and most likely lose more than you gain. I’ve learned in order to be successful you have to have passion and live without the fear of failing. You have to learn to celebrate the smallest accomplishments in you business. Success is learning that you are in control of your own destiny. Read more>>