Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Devan Legington | Neighborhood Hero

If you ever feel like you are stuck, struggling or you life is getting pulled out from under you I say congratulations! What an opportunity that you are being given to reconstruct you life and create something new from the ground up. I know it feels like it is lasting an eternity but this is time for devotion and dedication. Don’t quit respect the struggle and grind because it is someone out there who needs your message to the world! Read more>>

Aziza Ankh Influencer and Yoni Fairy | Yoni Specialist

I had tried products over the years and prefer natural ingredients and also I was passionate about body positivity empowerment and beauty of the most important part of taking self care to daily use. I realized that not a lot of brands that address the use of nature’s benefits. Read more>>

Brittany Eve | Multi-hyphenated Creator & Artistic Administrator

Life has a funny way of giving you the answers you need, all you have to do is listen. Being self aware and learning how to navigate the obstacles and your natural reaction/emotions are essential. When we are faced with challenges, it is natural for us to want to give up or maybe our optimism encourages us to push through but decrement should be your determining factor. Read more>>

Alleah Moore | Digital Creator and Serial Entrepreneur

My business idea was generated from my own personal styl.e. I looked at my wardrobe one day and saw that most of my pieces were dark colors or true black. I realized that having black as a staple color can be worn in so many ways. Sometimes people have difficulty styling the color black so I am catering to an audince who wants their luxury, black pieces to fit any style. Read more>>

Ryan Tucker | Owner/Operator Tucker Farm Solutions

I have been around horses, and heavy equipment most of my life, and have usually always found a way to combine them both. Prior to starting my business, I worked for a well-known arena building company. Several DFW area friends were complaining one night about not being able to find a manure removal service. Light bulbs kicked on in my head, and well here we are now! Read more>>

Kelsey Jones | Actor Model and Singer

I’ve always been very determined whether that’s in school or my career. Everybody knows their limits and what they can handle. I’ve never been the person to over exert myself. Just because something is difficult or you have obstacles in your life doesn’t mean to give up. I always like to think about the commitments I make and not to overwhelm myself. I love challenges. Read more>>