Have you read a book recently that had an impact on you, your life or the way you think? Let us know and check out some great responses from the community below.

Latisha Brown | Organic Skin & Haircare Alchemist

My most recent read, A New Earth By: Eckhart Tolle has changed my mindset as of late. What stood out to me was the advice to create inner space between you and the emotional highs and lows of life. As a business owner, the highs & lows can really affect you overtime. This book taught me to go for the ride and not get too hung up on the highs & lows of your accomplishments because good or bad, they all pass. Read more>>

Mario Angel | Artist & Designer

The compound effect. It taught me that daily effort no matter how big or small is the most important. It tells you about different routes that people using different levels of effort take. There’s the people using their free time on tv and entertainment, and there’s the people using free time on reading, exercise, working towards their goals. It got me to know I just gotta make daily effort and my work I put In will compound end exponentiate in value. Read more>>

Maria Atkinson | Cake & Cookie Artist

Les Brown, Live your dreams. I have always been a big fan of motivational speakers from Les Brown, Zig Zigler to Tony Robbins and so many others. Live your Dreams thought me to be a planner and organize my thoughts, It was a self help book to prepare me for what i wanted to accomplish and do it in a manner that would not discourage me and not allow my goals to overwhelm me. After reading this book i became more willing to push forward without fear and always keep a positive thought process. Life can/has come crashing down on me and i always choose the high road -This too shall pass is a motto that i have lived by for a very long time and it has helped make it thru the roughest of times. One of the lines in the books that stood out to me before i even purchased the book was-” We may not always be able to control what is put in our path, but we can always control what we are…and what we will become.” Les Brown. I chose Success!. Read more>>

Vantonio “BeGreat OnPurpose” Fraley | CEO [Im]Possible Teen Center

Jay -Z and Rick Ross through Think and Grow Rich was a had a huge impact on me. It was around 2014 when i was attending entrepreneurship seminars to learn how to build from the ground up or out the “MUD” as we say, and Napoleon Hill and Think and Grow rich kept coming up. As much as this book was referenced it wasnt until Rick Ross dropped his Mastermind CD and had Napoleon Hill in the intro did i stop and truly become curious of what this book was about. After researching Mr.Hill and what he and andrew carningue set out to do with the book, seeing how much Jay-z and Rick Ross referenced him… got me to study mr. hill and read the book. Once i read the book i start hearing the theme of burning desire and the wealthy don’t work for free… inspired me to push for more and to turn my passion to profit. Read more>>

Robert John | Magician

The Unmasking of Robert – Houdin : By Harry Houdini : Annotated 1878 Press. “I’m a firm believer in understanding the origin of all things, let alone one’s Artistic Craft. Some things are not always what they seem to be and an expose’ of that is evident in this provocative read. Startling waves of what actually happened in the times of Harry Houdini’s Magic rein are annotated by Houdini himself. With a posh praise to Robert – Houdin, (to whom Houdini adopted his stage name,) immense study was embarked upon on the attainability of the inventions the Clock-Maker himself cteated. Secrecy is the heart and soul of true Magic, and the exposure of Robert – Houdin’s genius entails the resurface of material dating back to the late 1370’s, to which Robert – Houdin used in performance. For it to take the best Magician and entertainer in Show-Business to find out the actual truth of his life long idol & role model, speaks volumes on this particular predecessor. Read more>>

Thais Blinks | Holistic Energy Healer & Coach

I absolutely love the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, as reading it changed my life and sent me on a journey of transformation. The first sentence says that “thoughts are things” which was validation for me as I had recently come to the realization of the power of my thoughts. Additionally, the description of the ether that we live in validated my awareness of the alchemist within me. As it states: “…the ether in which this little earth floats, in which we move and have our being, is a form of energy moving at an inconceivably high rate of vibration, and that the ether is filled with a form of universal power which adapts itself to the nature of the thoughts we hold in our minds; and influences us, in natural ways, to transmute our thoughts into their physical equivalent.” I have since put the principles into action by aligning my thoughts, feelings and beliefs to change my life for the better. Read more>>

Deniise | Pastry Chef & Make up Guru & Connoisseur

Not Just any book but the best “book” My bible. The impact My bible has one my life & how it inspires me is one of the best feelings ever! It shows me that no matter who turns their back on Me , Jehovah God will never leave me. Read more>>