We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Peter Hamm | Professional Multi-Media Producer & Host of Hamm Planet Podcast

Synergy. Building & Creating Synergy. Don’t know what synergy is? Well, it’s more than just a cool word. Synergy defined is as “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.” If there was a movie about my life, I always tell others that it would be titled “Search for Synergy” because I spend every moment of my life looking for it, working to create it & building it with others. Read more>>

Elena Hartwell Taylor | Author & Developmental Editor

A good cup of coffee. Watching my animals play. Having a good ride on one of my horses. The beauty of a sunrise or a sunset. The sound the river makes as it flows through my backyard. These things make me happy in the moment, either during the experience or reflecting on it later. For me, contentment, on the other hand, is a state of being. While happiness comes because of an event or an experience, contentment comes through a life well lived. Read more>>

Shideh Sadeghi | Architect, Designer, Architectural Visualist

Being a great and famous architect and designing whatever I have dreamed about it. Because when you design, you create a space to live whether for a long or short time. So you are in complete relation with people. People with various spirits, morals, habits, and lifestyle. Though it tells you as an architect, you should know art, mathematics, psychology, music,… Read more>>