We love ourselves a good quote and so we asked our community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us and we’ve highlighted some below.

Jessica D. Maine | Conscious Consultant, Coach & Strategist

Currently, my favorite affirmation is, “There is power in your silence.” In fact, it is the lock screen on my phone. As I have navigated throughout life, I have been able to observe, strategize and govern myself with a more sound mind by just being silent, at times. Additionally, It affords me the opportunity to effectively listen with an empathic ear and an open mind. I used to be consumed with needing to feel understood that I often overexplained in hopes to be “heard.” Although feeling understood is still valuable to me, Read more>>

Nick Anderson | Muralist and Fine Artist

A quote that keeps me going is my university’s motto from Pratt Institute: Be true to your work, and your work will be true to you. I often wonder why I redo designs or paint over artwork that seems good enough to an untrained audience. Until I think of that quote. I realized early on that I not only create to make clients/people happy but also to make myself happy and I can’t be happy with a product that isn’t my best. Read more>>

Daun Thomas | Salon CEO

My favorite saying that my mom always told me “if it was easy, everybody would be doing it!” And now I pass that same saying to my peers when frustration occurs or when one is feeling overwhelmed as if it’s getting to hard to continue as a business owner Read more>>

Vedika | Independent Singer-Songwriter

One of my favorite quotes is “pressure is a privilege.” Whenever I am stressing and holding myself to a high standard, I remind myself of this. If people put pressure on me, it is because they expect me to perform. They believe in me. I have the skillset and ethic to achieve my goals, whatever they may be. This quote helps keep me motivated and grounded. Read more>>

Qiana Abrams | Fitness motivator and trainer

My favorite quote or affirmation comes from Megan Thee Stallion “I’m that bitch, been that bitch and will forever be that bitch” and this resonates with me so much because this is a genuine feeling I carry with myself everyday. There was once a time I was so insecure but pretending to be confident and that affirmation does not hit the same as it does now, because that confidence is genuine now. Some people look at that word as derogatory but not me, its very liberating and freeing to me personally. In my career field as a personal trainer, its all about how you carry yourself, what type of energy you bring and exuding this affirmation attracts the type of women I love to uplift. Read more>>

Khalia T’yana | Graphic Designer

My favorite affirmation, me and my sister always refer to from the late and great Nipsey Hussle..”Life’s a marathon, not a sprint” It means so much more to me now, because I really am starting to internalize the meaning. You have to enjoy the journey. It’s all a process. You can’t have success without the process. It takes some good times, it takes some bad times to live on. It keeps me going. Even when I don’t see the end or want to give up I always refer back to that quote. You have to take the days and steps one at a time. Read more>>

Joy Gustave | Notary Public/Signing Agent & Wedding Officiant

Absolutely! The quote is: “There is value in knowing where you need to be.” A minister stated the quote and it resonated with me during a period in my life when I had to make a very difficult decision. I like this quote because it enlightened me on the act of prioritization, decision-making and it supports the elimination of fear. Often times there are situations or tasks that we need to handle and we may become reluctant to handle them out of fear. Read more>>