The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Mariana Wehbe | Founder and Creative Director of Mariana Wehbe Public Relations

Coming from a 16 year tenure in the corporate world for DHL, when I decided to leave the company I promised myself that I would step off that hamster wheel and that I would ultimately own my freedom. I didn’t want to just take on clients because I needed the revenue, which is true though, I did need the financial security, I was recently divorced, a single-mother, but I had this strong mindset. If I represent you I have to love you to death and I have to believe in your brand. I’m an extrovert, I am someone that works with my heart and intuition, and I decided to take clients that I really believed in. For this reason I also decided to take on very few clients at the same time because I wanted to be involved in every details, have regular calls, understand their business as if it were my own. Read more>>

Victoria Jett | Founder & Principal, Jett Public Relations

I’d have to say my decision to move to New York City after college without a job or a place to live was probably one of the most crucial decisions of my life and my career. That journey and the time I spent living and working in New York definitely molded me into who I am today. That experience taught me so much professionally and personally. If you can live and survive in New York and find success there, you can do anything and be successful anywhere. Whenever I am talking to college students who are interested in PR and have the idea that they’d like to move to New York one day, Read more>>

Benjamin Hernandez | Entrepreneur & Dad of 3 Inspirations

I started Revolution Coffee Co. in 2019 and in only 3 short years, we have withstood a global pandemic, a turbulent economy, a partnership split that left us with two months to leave our location, amongst a myriad of other issues. At every turn, the opportunity to quit has been there, glowing and tantalizing. I often joked about quitting to go work at a Home Depot, disposing of any notion of running my own business and just working a simple, easy job that I knew I’d enjoy. Read more>>