We love ourselves a good quote and so we asked our community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us and we’ve highlighted some below.

Westonn | Singer-Songwriter

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I’ve dealt with depression since I was a teenager and it bled into my adult life. Once I confronted it and begun to unpack my trauma my life truly began to get brighter and opportunities would start to appear that I never thought I was good enough to receive. It constantly reminds me that if you keep going, the storm will eventually end and the fact that you are on the other side of it says so much about who you are. Even if you had to crawl through it. Read more>>

Cece Cox, J.D. | Chief Executive Officer, Resource Center

A mentor of mine once reminded a group of peers, “we GET to do this” when we were discussing the demands of our roles as CEOs at LGBTQ+ nonprofits. It is something that has stuck with me ever since. It’s a 24/7 job and the pace is intense, but I am immensely grateful that I GET to serve, and – I hope – to inspire. Read more>>

Linda Wandt | Painter/Visual Artist/Builder

My current favorite quote is a recent discovery and is as follows; “If a man never contradicts himself, the reason must be that he virtually never says anything at all.” – Miguel de Unamuno I love this quote. To me, it punctuates growth. Self-introspection and growth over the years is a natural part of evolving that should only stop with death. Living life is a wonderful opportunity to read, to talk to others, to gain knowledge outside of your experience and to learn about the world we live in and to revel in its growing complexity. This quote is relevant also because it allows room for growth, and understands that we change even from moment to moment. People need space to change their minds, to develop new ideas, and it should be encouraged. To create art I must be ever changing, and embrace that, and it’s a positive message for everyone. Read more>>

Orso Czerny | Multidisciplinary Artist

My personal mantra is: Nature is the true conductor, we are the notes, and the things we create are the bridges between. This concisely communicates the foundational philosophy of my multidisciplinary art praxis, my overall life perspective, and the point of entry and engagement where I position myself as an artist, conveying how I choose to walk among the world. It signifies we are as hollow bones, through which flow a multitude of messages about the essence of the creative force and the dynamics of the energy of life. That we are but a small part of the larger entity of what we term Nature and that our individuality is distinguished via varying notes and tones of the inexhaustible mysterious source – and that the ritual of creating connects us to the deeper meanings of being alive and what it truly means to be human. Read more>>

Nicholas Baxter | Artist

“Life is inherently sacred, and it must be lived with sacred intensity and purpose.” –Sogyal Rinpoche This quote reminds me to put all of my effort, care, and passion into everything I choose to do, and to truly value my brief time on this Earth by living a life of my choosing, with worthy and important goals of my choosing. My career as an artist is the natural and perfect outgrowth of this attitude and intention. Read more>>

Lauren Faria | High School Senior |United States Service Academy Candidate | Miss Southeast Texas’ Outstanding Teen | Teen Ambassador – Texas Cares for Children | Girl Scout Ambassador – Gold Award Candidate

“There is only one time that is important: NOW! It is the most important time because it is the only time when we have any power.” – Leo Tolstoy Although I am not old enough to have voted in our Presidential election, I am old enough to help and I understand the importance of this privilege. Our country is in the middle of a global pandemic and an explosive political climate. The love for my country is what compels me to serve and lead others. It’s the reason why I served as a Student Election Clerk. Read more>>

Tara Bustamante | Photographer

There is a quote that was found written on the wall of Mother Teresa’s house, that I love. It reminds me to stay true to myself, live my life with kindness, compassion, and without worry about what others think of me. “People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered; Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; Be kind anyway. If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies; Succeed anyway. If you are honest, people may cheat you; Be honest anyway. What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; Build anyway. If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; Be happy anyway. The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough; Give the world the best you’ve got anyway. You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and your God; It was never between you and them anyway.” Read more>>

Ashley Grimmett | Nail Artist and owner of Naturally Nails by Ashley G. LLC

Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above; it comes down from the Father of lights [the Creator and Sustainer of the heavens], in whom there is no variation [no rising or setting] or shadow cast by His turning [for He is perfect and never changes]. (James 1:17) This scripture humbles me & also reassures me where my gifts and creativity come from. Read more>>