Do you have a favorite dialogue, lyric, quote or affirmation? Please share with us below.

Deborah Adunoluwa David | Event Planner & Coordinator, Educator

“He who thinks he knows all, knows not that he knows nothing” I got this quote from a children’s folklore years ago and it stuck with me. It reminds me to be humble, to ask for help from others and to remain prayerful. No one knows everything, except God Read more>>

SURRICHER FITE | Owner and Rock-Star of Blackberry Blueprint

Yes. I AM is an affirmation I wake up with daily. I AM for me means I AM… Strong (I’m aware of my strengths and weaknesses.) I AM… Love (I’m capable of the exchange of giving and receiving love.) I AM… Deserving (I work hard; therefore, I’m worthy of all that I am blessed with mentally, physically, spiritually, and abundantly.) I AM…IM-Perfect (I will not be defined by what others don’t like or understand about me.) Read more>>

Katie McKnight | CEO of I’m DOPE

I absolutely LOVE affirmations; I have written 2 affirmation books actually so my favorite affirmation would be “you are allowed to be bold”. So many times as women have to been seen and not heard; when in actuality our voice is a big and as powerful as a man. We have fresh and new ideas that the world should know. So its important for women and men to know that you can be bold in whatever you do in life; if you arent bold with it; how will be know that you are there? Read more>>