The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Chase Chappell | Founder of Chappell Digital Marketing

Investing in growing our digital marketing agency team. The moment we started to become team focused Chappell Digital Marketing started to grow way faster, results improved, and client retention increased significantly. If it wasn’t for hiring the right people that are experts at what they do, our agency likely wouldn’t be growing at the current rate it is today. Read more>>

Brittany Washington | Creator & Network Marketer

Personal development. I never really understood how important personal development was until I started my entrepreneurial journey and surrounding myself with people that took their personal development serious as well. Once, I started implementing the things I was learning whether personal or professional, I began to see my life and my business change in such a positive manner. I began to grow as a leader, I noticed myself being in more of a creative space mentally and most importantly I was able to pour into other people and share the things I was learning with them. Read more>>

Jordan Walker | Professional Fitness Trainer/Bodybuilder

The most important decision I made that is contributing to my success is understanding that I’m going to fail. I don’t mean I’m not ever going to achieve my goal or goals, but I mean that I’m going to fail along the way. The path to success is not going to be linear. Once I understood that, it became easier to deal with the little trials and tribulations that make things harder when you work for yourself, such as losing clients or a pandemic! I think being aware is the biggest thing people lack when they try to achieve a goal. People tend to think everything is going to be smooth sailing and go exactly as planned when in reality, you’ll probably fail 100 more times before you succeed. Read more>>

Jody Brinkmeier | Helix Salon, Curly Hair Specialist

Specializing in curly hair. It changed my entire career and experience behind the chair as a stylist. As soon as I was listed as a specialist on curly websites, my career grew at lightening speed. Before I knew it, I was booked solid for eight months, with a mile long waiting list. As a specialist, I can work with all curl types and textures of hair. This has given me the opportunity to have a more diverse and inclusive clientele. My experience behind the chair shifted and I really started to see the impact that I have in people’s lives. My favorite part of being a curly hair specialist is seeing the tears of joy on someone’s face when they view something about themselves as beautiful for the first time in their life! It’s a powerful and rewarding moment. Read more>>