We asked some of the city’s most brilliant and creative minds to tell us about the most difficult decision they’ve had to make.

Ilona Gorokhovskiy | Photographer

One of the most difficult decisions I had to make was to raise my prices to be level with my CODB (cost of doing business). I knew that going up in price probably meant I couldn’t serve a lot of the amazing clients I had once served, but it was vital for the health of my business and my own boundaries that I wanted to set. Raising the prices of my services (photoshoots) invited me to work with clients who valued my work and perspective and even took time to save up for shoots with me. In return, I could take on less clients and give them 100% instead of spreading myself thin. This HARD decision helped me grow dramatically in my art and skill, and value myself and the type of memories I can create for my clients. It was a hard decision that was pivotal to my business growth. Read more>>

Daniel McGee JR | Musician & Rapper

the most difficult decision I have had to make so far in my career is to cut people off and focus on my goals. I had to limit my time with friends, family and others to keep my focus high and achieve my goals. when I think about all the parties I missed out on all the fun times of going out and hanging or even just sitting around with friends and family that I denied myself it kind of makes me upset with myself, but I have been able to real move forward with in my musical career. Read more>>

Sydney Bass | Personal Stylist & Business Strategist

I went through a low period in my business where my expenses outweighed my income – I had to make really hard decisions about cutting expenses – like my car payment, and services that, while they were bringing in some money, weren’t profitable. The lows of being a creative entrepreneur aren’t always talked about and it allowed me to rethinking, strategically, the financial structure of my business – from expenses to services I was offering and what I was charging. And in my business coaching practice, it’s given me a rich well to draw from when talking about the importance of money with my clients. Read more>>

Jace Frazier | Private Chef & Caterer

Honestly, stepping away from practicing law. Ever since I was in 2nd grade, I knew I wanted to practice law, specializing in Intellectual Property. Growing up in a family with many professionals, there was an expectation to somewhat follow in that lane. So, I completed the rigorous curriculums and made the social sacrifices needed in order to demonstrate my scholastic ability to achieve that dream. However, mid-way through law school, my passion for cooking was exemplified. This happened as a result of having to budget financial aid each semester. I had to come up with creative ways of still being able to eat good, but on a tight budget. Meal prepping for myself and others began to interest me more than learning the law! Read more>>