We asked the community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us. Check some of those out below.

Erica Weathersby | Boutique Owner & Credit Specialist

As a child, I was always the one who wanted to stand out! “I would dress up like my dolls and sing my heart away! lol! My mom would always tell me… ” You can be whatever you want be in life, just be great at it, and always be good to people!! She would also record me on those old-school camcorders You know the one that came with VHS tapes Lol…. Good times!! I always knew I was going to either be a singer, model or join the military….Yes, military. I was such a tomboy. “It’s Crazzy.” I was always that girl who showed leadership in everything I put my heart into!! Growing up, I always pushed everyone around me to be great, resilient, and confident!! I always disliked bullies! I hated how bullies would make people feel, who were less fortunate because of their size or clothing!! Read more>>

Shernett Swaby | Fashion Artist

From the outset, I was certain about my desire to become a designer. Given the highly competitive nature of the fashion industry, it was crucial for me to create clothing that resonated with my clients. I observed that the industry often compels individuals to conform to mass-produced styles. In response to this, I chose to design clothing tailored to my customers’ unique needs. By providing bespoke services and lifetime alterations, I ensure that my garments are not just clothes, but a perfect fit for each individual client. Read more>>

Lacey Ogden | Bath Sorbet Owner Operator

Bath Sorbet started by us making bath bombs with toys inside of them for our daughters 4th birthday party and they were a a huge hit! We invested $200 into getting supplies and began researching, testing and formulating to create the perfect bath bomb. We initially launched online and were quickly selling our products all across the country! We are passionate about sourcing the highest quality of ingredients for even the most sensitive skin. Read more>>