Is there a book you still think about? Perhaps a book that made you challenge your beliefs, attitudes about life, work, politics or culture? Has there been a book that deepened your convictions or broadened your worldview? These are among the questions we asked some thoughtful members of our community recently and we’ve shared their responses below.

Ryan Jesse | Cosmetologist

Ive recently finished a book titled Power of the Soul by John Holland. Ill start by saying, Ive never read a book like this IN MY LIFE! I came across this piece of work while browsing in a thrift store. The blue cover caught my attention then the title. Needless to say i was hooked from the foreword!! Working behind the chair in the salon all day, my main focus has been… getting the hair color right, delivering and achieving client expectations, and of course staying on time! The beauty industry began to look only skin deep to me. The cuts, color, and extensions are so much fun and the final look gives unspeakable satisfaction (for me at least). So it seems once i began reading Power of the Soul, I wasnt only looking for how to satisfy/help these people physically, but on a spiritual and soul level. Read more>>

Nekita Sisk | Social Entrepreneur & STEEM Amplifier

Let me start by saying I am an avid reader on the verge of being a tsundoku sensei!!! I’ve read a lot of books… but ashamedly I do have a bunch laying around that I still need to get to. On the Fiction side I like to get wisped away by romance, drama, classics or suspense/thrillers. On the Non-Fiction side memoirs and self-Help books. I tried reading on the Kindle it’s okay but prefer a good ‘ole paperback that I can dog ear and highlight up the pages. Read more>>

Backhand Sally | Americana/Country Rock Duo

Brock: The Magic School Bus because it taught me how the body worked from the inside. Ginger: John Grisham’s The Painted House. It’s one of his non -legal based books and the story resonates with me as a girl from the South. My Grandmother was friends with John Grisham’s Aunt so we read all of his books, but that one really entertained the whole family. There is a moment where the little country tricks a city woman by telling her to be scared of sh*t snakes when she has to use the outhouse, and it’s been a running joke in my family for years. Read more>>