Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Jill Allison Bryan | Master Creativity Coach & Founder

Creativity is an essential part of who I am. I grew up writing, acting, singing, playing piano and being drawn to creative people, places and things. Throughout highschool and college I acted, sang and wrote. I majored in advertising journalism and always had side gigs singing and acting. My professional career began as an advertising copywriter right after I graduated and landed my first (and only!) 9-to-5 job at what was then the largest advertising agency in Nashville. About three years later I sold everything I owned, moved to the Virgin Islands and found work on a private sailing yacht. When I moved back to Dallas and was a freelance copywriter and singer/songwriter for several years, eventually joining a band and marrying the lead singer. Fast forward a decade to me as a mom dropping my daughter off at kindergarten for the first time and having a bit of an identity crisis. Read more>>

Tish Amos | Inspiring Chef

I decided to pursue career because I truly enjoy cooking and food! I love that food change you whole day! I growing up I watched my grandmothers and mom cook and how much joy it brought to people. I wanted a piece of that! I’ve worked in the administrative field for over 10 years and in my last position I did a lot in the events realm so I got to work with all sorts of vendors and with caterers. I absolutely loved it, I knew then I had to follow my dream. In March of this year I had to be at home with the kids because they were thrown into online learning because of COVID19. This gave me more time to work on my craft. I started meal prepping for people and I’ve catered a couple small events. So in August, I launched adishwithtish. I’m also working on starting a food blog. Read more>>

Betty Wills | Writer, Television Producer, Documentary Filmmaker, Photographer & Equestrian

I have always had a vivid imagination; therefore, I not only see things as they are, but I can recognize the potential for something or someone to be more than what first meets the eye. I was always fascinated by pictures and considered them to be photographic art because photography gives us unlimited potential; to create and bring inanimate objects to life. When animated, we can capture the essence of an object or person, and freeze action in an awe-inspiring moment in time. Whether you are painting what you see onto a canvas, be it real life or in your imagination, or photographing what you see through the lens of a camera, the end result is art. It is up to the artist to cultivate and present their work in such a way that it will capture the imagination of others. Imagination is best left unencumbered, free to explore our own creative potential without limits, and it’s ok to be daring with an element of risk. Read more>>

Kenneth Reed | Freelance Graphic Artist & Content Creator

As a young child, I always drew the characters cartoons like Danny Phantom, Ben 10, Dragon Ball, etc. I got extremely good at them. After that I began writing and drawing my own comic books. One summer, it took me so long to get hired to jobs that I was applying to. I realized I could use my talents as a career. It allows me to take my ideas and put them in visual form. It also allows me to help others bring their ideas to life. The creative world is so versatile and connected in all aspects. It’ll give me a chance to learn new artistic skills, and meet new artistic people. I mostly make cover art graphics for musicians. I saw that covers are very important in the industry, and I want to be connected to that industry as much as I can. Also, I plan on designing clothes for my own line. I want that to be global. Nothing can beat having a career that you have fun with. Read more>>