Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

T.Maree | Singer & Music Lover

First of all, being “artsy” is just who I am. I was always into drawing in my school years and when I graduated I moved on to being a makeup artist, so I feel like my artistic career kind of chose me in a sense. Music has always been apart of me and I’ve been studying it since I was a child without really even knowing it. My dad always played music constantly from jazz, to r&b soul, to hip-hip, etc., so it’s been embedded in me from the jump. I have this one memory of me laying down on the couch listening to music from my portable cd player just being in my own little world. Feeling every emotion the music made me feel, just in awe that something could sound so good to me lol.. Having a deep love and passion for music along with a God given amazing voice it’s like I had no other choice in this lifetime to do or be anything else. Read more>>

Meredith Smith | Director, Cinematographer & Screenwriter

I pursued an artistic or creative career because I’ve always been drawn to the arts. It brings me a lot of joy and I wouldn’t want to be in any other field. I have a huge imagination, and as a kid it always ran wild. I was always writing short stories and imagining how they would look if they were on the big screen. I remember a specific instance where I was imagining and cutting a movie trailer in my head. It was complete with a score, voice over and credits. I still do that to this day as I imagine scenes when I’m writing screenplays or making a shot list. I have, and still do express myself through art and the visual medium. I feel at home in the creative field and I am deeply passionate about it. Read more>>

Madison Mouser | Lifestyle Photographer

I chose this career because of the vast opportunities it provides. I am able to gain relationships and see life in so many different ways. I believe as humans we were created to grow with one another together not alone. We see that when God creative Eve. Adam needed company, someone to share life with. Portraiture fills my heart because I get to know and see different lives and families around me. I get to capture their unique stories. It’s more than just taking pictures, its meeting new people, families, couples and learning who they are. It’s meeting new friends and new connections. It’s doing what humans were created to do, and thats to love one another. I chose this path because it gives me joy to not only express myself but also be able to express others through their portraits. I enjoy all types of photography but portraiture is the one that will always satisfy my heart. Read more>>