A host of factors, developments, and dynamics have made most industries more competitive than ever. As a result so many of us wonder whether there is still such a thing as work-life balance. We reached out to the community to hear perspectives on finding the right balance.

Linda Biggs | People Ops Manager @Float and co-founder @joni

The concept of ‘work-life balance’ really came into my life full force after I had my first daughter mostly because it brought beautiful chaos into our lives. Before then – as someone in my mid-twenties at the time – the concept wasn’t something I thought about often. I’m not sure why. Looking back, I think I was just moving along with the status quo without questioning any of the “shoulds” in life – graduate, get a job, do well at the job, get promoted, get a raise, rinse and repeat. Read more>>

Lauren Clarke | Founder, Turn

As a female entrepreneur and mother, balance is a huge challenge. I think one has to be very intentional in how and when balance is exercised. It’s difficult, and some days are better than others. I deeply care about my business, its people and our mission, similar to how I care about my children and my family. Read more>>

Melissa Marshall | Real Estate Agent and Insurance sales

My work life balance changed when I switched gears and became an independent agent. I had to take time blocking serious it will either make or break your career. Taking accountabilty of how every hour is spent is very important. The change was not easy I had to make sure I was taking care of all my clients needs along with prospecting appropriately. But most importantly I always manage to dedicate time to spend a few hours a day listening, talking, and interacting with my child. A healthy balance is so important to ones sanity it has to be handle with thought and care. I feel my work life balance is essential to the over all growth of my business and life. Read more>>

Joshua Whitten | Tattoo Artist

When I first got into the tattoo industry. I let it completely consume me! I was getting to the studio early in the morning to make sure it was spotless before my mentor arrived. Then we’d stay there till 12-3am on a pretty regular bases. So my “work/life” scale was completely one sided during the early years. When I completed my apprenticeship I continued to work late hours because I was scared to death of failing. In my head the more I worked the more money id make the less likely it would be that I’d fail. Read more>>

Litza Bodden | Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor, Life Coach, and Public Speaker

Although there is not a cookie cutter way to establish a work/life balance, I am a true advocate of finding a work/life balance by allotting a certain amount of time to work and time for self-care. I set boundaries for myself when it comes to work and I make sure and set time for me to practice self-care daily. My daily self-care include simple things like setting boundaries at work, drinking water, working out, meditating/prayer, listening to music and doing other activities that make me happy. Read more>>

Roneka Turner | Owner at Kultured Essentials

In the beginning, trying to balance working and doing the groundwork for my business was very complicated. Every minute of my day is occupied. I ended up getting sick and had to take some time off work. So that gave me some time to work on my business. Although I was sick, I got up every morning like I was going to work and began to do all the work that I couldn’t do before I became sick. So as of now, I think that the time off was well worth it. Read more>>