We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career.  We’ve shared some highlights below.

Erin Kimball | Fashion and Portrait Photographer

The thought of sitting at a desk with a 9-5 job was the last thing I could ever see myself doing. Going through the same motions everyday would honestly drive me insane. I knew part of me needed that adrenaline rush of creating, but I didn’t know what that entailed. When I was in middle school my parents definitely noticed me taking pictures on my phone of everything I saw. This led to me getting my first camera. Learning the in’s and out’s of it sparked that adrenaline rush. Photography was something very new to me but with the whole world as my canvas the possibilities are limitless. An artistic career gives me that endless opportunity to learn, experiment, and collaborate with such a diverse community. Read more>>

Michele Wright | Stationery Designer & Watercolor Artist

I have always loved arts and crafts- drawing, coloring, and creating. One of my favorite gifts was always a brand spanking new coloring book and a fresh box of crayons. I would be entertained for hours. As a kid, my family traveled the globe. We lived overseas during my elementary years and as such, I kept in touch with my friends like any girl in the 1990’s would- via pen and paper. I did a happy dance every time I’d get a letter from halfway around the world. I’d immediately start a response- on colorful stationery, of course! I was, and still am, a huge fan girl of Lisa Frank. Her bright and colorful style, cute animals, and coordinating sets were always on wish lists. I had oodles of paper sets- everything from postcards and envelopes, to matching pencils, erasers and washi tape. Read more>>

Carolyn Maker | Children’s Book Author

I have always had a creative mind starting at the very young age of 7 years old. Also, I have a vivid imagination and my ideas seemingly comes to life. Read more>>

Maegan Noel | Photographer

The simple answer, because I love serving people with my art. The more detailed answer: When I was in Jr. High, I was the kid that always had a disposable camera in hand. I took photos of my friends, plants, animals, anything that I could. My love for photos carried into High School, and my walls were covered from top to bottom with images. After I graduated, I decided to pursue a career in Kinesiology because I loved sports. Well, other plans were about to unfold. My dad saw my love for photography, so he bought me my first DSLR. I had no idea what to do with it… I was confused why he even got it for me. He told me he saw something in me, a passion, and I should see where it takes me. So, just as I did with my disposable cameras, I started taking pictures of anything I could. Read more>>

Mystix Panda | Cosplayer, Twitch Affiliate & Artist

Well growing up doing art classes , theater arts , and doing Ren Faires all while always making my own costumes made me pretty much raised into arts and crafts. Creating things keeps my mind busy and helps me stay focused on something other than all the problems or daily stress as much. I live with some mental health issues and my creativity gives me a very positive aspect. It’s fun, it makes you think, and creating/geeking out with other like minded people is an amazing feeling. Read more>>