We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Magda Plagge | Visual Artist

A career is over time, and through my life I’ve found art to be something I’m very passionate about; specifically painting. When I was a child I used to create things with whatever I found around me. I always had a project in mind or imagined creating things with what I saw. I can say that my passion for the visual arts has always been in my heart, but 6 years ago I decided to start exhibiting my work throughout North Dallas. I’ve had two solo shows in the last 2 years – one at The Cove in McKinney, and one at Clink Wine Bar in Flower Mound. Currently, I have a solo show at the Greater Denton Art Council in Denton, Texas. It is open to the public with no entry fee until December 16, 2023. In this exhibition I have also dedicated a wall to the art work of some of my students called “Ladder and The Next Gen Art Wall.” Read more>>

Suza Lois palefoxredarts | Creative / Artist

I like to think the artistic path was supplied to me from the cosmos. But this gift from the cosmos, is truly something we all have, it may be in different forms but in order for it to truly be created and formed, we must nurture it. Then we must mold it with what we create and then transform our work into what we can build with the building blocks we learn on the way. I like to imagine that as we do so, we learn more about ourselves and others than when we began. We put our souls into our art and with that we transform and are freed from daily struggles into the cosmos where we all began. To put it lightly, I continue to pursue a career in the arts because without it, life is so much less colorful and if I can make someone’s life that much more creative and lively, I can’t say I would want to do anything else in this life. Read more>>

Jordan Tyler Haynes | Musician, Songwriter, and Producer

My mother’s side of the family is made up almost entirely of musicians, from bluegrass flat pickers to long haired rock and rollers, so I was always surrounded by music and sound. When I first picked up playing the guitar, right around the time I started junior high school, it made me feel like my life had some kind of bigger purpose, and like there was something that I could finally do just a little bit different than anyone else. Playing, singing, and songwriting soon grew into an absolute obsession. A few years later, after getting an associate’s degree in auto mechanics, I sent out resumes all over Abilene, Texas, and didn’t receive a single call back. I needed money, and had a short contact list of some venues I had played in my teenage years, and have been making music full time ever since. Read more>>

Jatayvia Whitaker | Jatayvia Whitaker “Dj Diamond” | DJ & Dancer

I pursued a career in Dj’ing because music has always had a strong presence in my life. From playing the piano to dancing, I always had an ear for music. Once I saw the way a DJ commanded the room, I knew I had to learn. I always love to see people smile and feel good and becoming a DJ helped me accomplish that in another avenue of my life. Read more>>

Orhan Mert | doctor, illustrator and comic artist

Art production constitutes an indispensable part of me. The progress I have made in this field encourages me. The details I notice during my development process give me pleasure. That’s why I direct my career towards art production. Read more>>