Through our work we have had the good fortune of seeing firsthand how success comes in every shape, size, color, faith, and orientation. More importantly we’ve learned that success is often the result of people embracing their unique backgrounds and so we’ve asked the community to tell us about their background and how it has impacted where they are today.

Huda Hashim | 3D Visualizer, Interior Designer and International Artist

From Liverpool to Saudi Arabia, to Dallas, Huda Hashim’s travels have placed her among many different people and cultures. To connect with others and express her thoughts the best way she knew how, she turned to architecture and painting. Her family originates from Khartoum, Sudan. Navigating her ethnic, linguistic, and tribal heritages of Sudan is complex but she chooses to celebrate its diversity. During the Sudanese revolution in 2019, She created a painting inspired by the viral photo of Alaa Saleh chanting for peace ontop of a car. Her painting landed the cover of the Guardian Newspaper and they titled it “Street Spirit” Although i was not there physically, it was an honour for them to title it as such which made me feel as though I was there chanting for peace as well. Huda created prints of her painting with 100% of proceeds going to aid the injured in hospitals. She has mastered the ability of what makes for an attractive and meaningful environment or experience through design and art. Read more>>

Scott Hoffner | Owner & Chef

I am from Plano, Texas. I was able to start working at steakhouse at a very young age, which is where I got the restaurant bug. Growing up in Plano, I was able to work in multiple different restaurants where I got different experiences, which led me to chef school. I’d have to say that some of my influences from steakhouses, BBQ, and Tex-Mex had a direct impact on my culinary career. Read more>>

Carmen Washam | Photographer

I am from a small town in north Texas, Wichita Falls, but I’ve lived in the Dallas area since 2007. Growing up, I was the friend who would bring a disposable camera everywhere, snapping photos and then creating collages with the prints. Looking back, I can see I was making galleries and albums and telling the story of weekend trips, sleepovers, and vacations. Now, it’s an honor to work with clients to tell the stories of their families and make tangible their memories. Read more>>

Brianne Sargent | Musician

I’m from Pleasant Grove and “Dolphin Heights”, better known as “The Hill. I also spent most of my summers in my childhood in Highland Hills. My background mostly taught me to make a decision to either stay where I am and make a positive impact or move away and make a positive impact. Either way, making a positive impact was an inescapable part of forming my decision-making. Read more>>

Megan Carfa | Operations and Development Director at Junior Players

I come from a family of musicians, so I’ve been participating in music and band pretty much my entire life. My dad is a professional bass player so I was always listening to him teach lessons or going to his concerts but honestly, a lot of it came from me wanting to copy my older brothers. So I started piano when I was in 2nd grade, I did choir from elementary through middle school, played violin in 5th grade – all before finding my place playing the trumpet in 6th grade through today! Being in band taught me about commitment, dedication, and hard work more than any other activity I’ve participated in, but it also helped me grow my confidence and gave me the ability to follow my passions, which is exactly what I did. My entire college career was influenced by my love for music and gave me the confidence to follow my passion. I originally began attending the University of North Texas studying Elementary Education, knowing I still wanted to participate in the Green Brigade Marching Band. Read more>>