We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Zero and Omega Miligan | Cinematographers & Video Directors

Upon a young age, we have always enjoyed singing together and recreating movie scenes. It didn’t matter if we were in public or not. We soon took notice that people always had a bit of an fascination with identical twins. Even when we were separate, we became known as “The Twins”. At first it built resentment. It led to Zero joining the marching band and Omega leaving the school band for choir. Read more>>

Brittany Griffin | Owner of Sparkles & Sprinkles

Growing up I had two extremely creative parents neither having a corporate job. My mom was a hairstylist and my dad a professional cartoonist so you could say creativity was in my blood. Even at a young age my parents always encouraged me to be creative and to think outside of the box. I always knew I wanted to do something where I could bring all my creativity in to play, I just didn’t know what that was or how I would get there. Read more>>

Ruchi Gupta | Ceramic artist

I was born and raised in India and from a young age I knew where my strength, passion and inclination lied. Sadly, in those days small cities did not offer much choices for children with artistic or creative bend. The school curriculum also did not offer much, Math was another subject which I really enjoyed and was good at, So, I selects science math track in high school and did engineering and MBA and worked in Technology for a decade. Although I was good at my job and was accelerating successfully in my career, my heart and soul was never in it. Read more>>

Steven Gowers | Dj / producer / sound engineer

To be honest? It kinda just happened. You know when you were a kid in school and your teacher would have you draw or color what you wanted to be when you grew up? Well my paper went blank all the way through high school. I never knew or could come up with, or knew what I wanted to be… but I was always super creative and super athletic. I played all sorts of sports growing up. Hockey, football and baseball in high school. But between getting injured or Not making the varsity team that was out the window. Read more>>

Tracie Harper | Hairstylist

I often say being a hairstylist chose me, I didn’t choose it. Since I was a child I always love to style hair. As soon as my mom would give me a doll, I would instantly take it out the box and begin to work on the dolls hair. I believe that my gift and my zeal for the beauty industry has helped me to become the successful business woman I am today. As time went on, I grew more and more passionate about my career. I absolutely love what I do and I can honestly see myself in the beauty industry for the rest of my life. Read more>>