We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Tiana Tyler | Event & Interior Decorator

There are many habits I have that have helped me succeed, but I think planning has been habit that has paid off the most for me. I believe it is important to always have a plan. Whether it is a plan to make it through out the day, or a 5-10 year goal plan, it doesn’t matter! Planning helps you to stay organized and focused on the end goal. I plan everything. I find myself making a list for some of the smallest task, but I believe it is essential to making it throughout my day. Read more>>

Megan Poakeart | Kundalini Yoga Instructor | Meditation Coach

My daily meditation practice is how I show up for myself daily so that I can consistently show up for others. It’s my #1 best habit. It’s directly related to what I do. I practice what I teach everyday and it helps me stay peaceful, grounded and elevated so that I have an abundance of energy to share with others. Read more>>

Becky Smith | Interior Consultant & Renovation Contractor

In my industry, I’ve seen a lot of contractors who don’t like to face issues head-on. They would rather pass a problem off to someone else than address it themselves. When I started my interior consulting business, I knew I wanted to be different. I wake up at the same time every day. I wake up with a plan and complete it. When it comes to working with my interior consulting or remodeling clients, I’m there from the beginning to the end. Read more>>

P J and Kitty | Hosts of UnDivorceable with PJ & Kitty

I believe the habit of uplifting others and their abilities within our business has increased the success of our show, UnDivorceable with PJ and Kitty. From the start we prayed that God would lift up someone, somewhere, to use their power, ability, and influence to help our endeavors in life. Then once the business plan was laid out, we began to be blessed with these wonderful human beings with up coming businesses of their own to aide in the start and go go go of our business. It’s been magic ever since. Read more>>