We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Mary Mayes | Smoke One Pitmasters/ Bar b Q catering

Given all praises to the Most High, whom all blessings flow. For He has guided my path they kept me focused despite my shortcomings. The habits that I feel that help me to succeed are: My grandparents, uncles, aunts, and family members’ hard work and determination instilled in me a work ethic that kept me focused on my family and goals. Working long hours while being a single mother has strengthened me and the support that my children give eliminates mental exhaustion and negative energy. Read more>>

Dax Gregg | Owner Operator at A-Southern Fence.

Being successful has been up in the air throughout the the years, but I’ve managed to stay on top by hard work, sacrifices, and knowing my strengths.. I am now successful.. Read more>>

Olivia Leon | Industrial designer

I was very consistent and disciplined. I work hard and harder everyday. I knew I was no the best doing it, but I knew that if I keep practicing I will be good one day. I was just about being patient and organiced. I force my self to wake up early and sleep early, in order to have my mind clear and full of enery to learn more Some might think that success is difficult, but actually its easy when you love what you do. Read more>>

Azu Walker | The Tea Lady

I have always been a very determined person. This determination started back when I was a little kid, when I had something in mind I would make it happen. Then as a teenager I became a marathon runner which I have been enjoying for the last 25 years. Every mile was a challenge but it was the reason I kept going. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. I set goals, I had a plan, I had discipline to get out and train everyday, so I could reach the 26.2 miles each time, and do it faster. I think all these abilities allowed me to never give up, to keep trying, and to keep my heart happy. Read more>>

Aiasha Ellis | Natural Hairstylist & Entrepreneur

The key habits I stand by are: support other small businesses, regular visits with the accountant, planning, and praying. Every month I select about five people I’ve met from the farmers market or out networking and purchase something I like. I believe to be abundant you must be abundant. So I must change my mindset to accept that. Those four habits, believe or not hurt me, because these were things in my personal life that weren’t being done. So creating these habits taught me discipline. It’s crazy how these habits taught me how to create more habits and boundaries. Read more>>

Marlen Escatel | Instructor and Supply Store

I have learned when you give people value, they will value you. People will trust and want what you have without selling anything because what you offer is valuable. Whether that’s sharing tips and tricks, how to tutorial or sharing ideas on your social media, this will attract your audience. Consistency is a key factor and major part of growth and success. Making time everyday to be interactive in my platform has helped me succeed. Read more>>