People often ask about the best decision, but we think it’s also very enlightening to learn about people’s most difficult decisions and the frameworks they used to think through those decisions.

Cindy Lee | Game Artist & Illustrator

The most difficult decision I’ve had to make was not continuing down the path of industrial design. I had already spent 4 years studying in that field and I made the decision to pursue my dream of working in movies and games. I was afraid to start over from scratch but I’m very happy that I made that decision otherwise, I would not be in this position today. Read more>>

Brookie Robbins | Real Estate Broker and Artist

The most difficult decision I have ever made is to start a career in my forties. It has been the best decision ever. I got the best of both worlds of staying home to raise our family and now it is my time to do what I love. I was ready to grow myself, my business, and be able to give back to my community as well as charities important to my clients. Real estate over the last 13 years has allowed me the opportunity to stay at home with our children while developing a variety of skill sets in the real estate industry. Read more>>

Warren Weitner | Musician & Writer

To embrace death. I’ve spend so much of my life and artistic journey running from pain. My avoidant behaviors gave me energy, the adrenaline rush of a rabbit being chased by the hound. Lately, I’ve let the hound catch up to see what’s on the other side. A wise man once said “chase your bliss” but an even wiser one responded “no, chase your blisters.” This year I’m trying to accept that death is what makes room for new life and that the moment one enters the room, the other accompanies it. Read more>>

Randall Garrett | Creative Mentor & YouTuber

The most difficult decision I’ve had to make would be to follow the vision for my life without reservation. For over twenty years, I was in the workforce as a community college teacher and gallery director. It was a satisfying life, but in some ways felt incomplete. The last few years of that journey, I felt myself drawn to move toward something more fulfilling. I wanted to work with others, to help them find and express their vision for life, but putting my finger on exactly how to do so was challenging. Read more>>

Alexis Forteza | Author & Mentor

The most difficult decision I’ve had to make so far in my life was when I had to move away from my hometown. Dallas has now become my new home, which I love so much, but my roots are actually in Florida. I tell most people that I came to Dallas for work and a new environment, but that’s just the surface answer; The real reason I came to Dallas, besides God providing me a divine door of new opportunity, was to heal from my past. I believe people are the way they are because of the experiences they have gone through. Everything about us, down to how we perceive the world, is influenced by something that happened to us in the past. Read more>>

Michaella Ramler | Real Estate Investor

Leaving my “work husband” who is actually my real husband! We have worked together closely for the last 6 years developing and investing in real estate, and January of 2022 begins my phasing out. It’s hard to explain, but working together has been the best and worst thing for our marriage, and thus it’s been hard to make the decision. I’m grieving already the sharing of common big goals and dreams and executing those into fruition together as a team. For the past 6 years we’ve geeked out over industry strategies, trends and creative developments all while drinking wine of course. Read more>>