We love rebels and people who challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives and so we asked some really bright folks to tell us about one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Christy Stransky | Owner

Don’t settle. I have always heard this and believed it for probably the first 30 years of my life. I then started to realize that if you have a good foundation, values/morals, and work ethic… you will be successful in whatever you do! Its okay to settle for happiness in all different forms. I used to push and strive for this word “perfection” and wanting more in my life(career, relationships, and for myself). Perfection is the lowest standard in the world because there is nothing that can measure that. All that does is prevents you from starting your dream career, having a family, etc. I used to push the people I loved so much because I thought they could do better. Now I rely on God and trust. Settling for his work and his plan is the only thing we can truly rely on. I trust now and use settling in a positive manner. If I show love and compassion to EVERYONE, word hard, and stay true to my values then all things will work out. I am settled in my inner peace and his plan. Read more>>

Natalie Trimble | Baker & Writer

I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I don’t think you have to be engaged on social media all the time in order to succeed. There’s a lot of pressure to respond instantly on instagram, for example, but I am more than an entrepreneur in this season. I’m a wife, a mom, and an employee. And my goal isn’t to be instafamous but to make delicous baked goods. Read more>>

Jacquelyn Tolksdorf | Creative Director

Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the greatest career choices a person can make. No. Let me explain… I work with thousands of businesses from your startup fempreneur to your major corporations. In the past 11 years of being at the beginning of many business owners’ journeys, I have developed a kind-of spidey sense for those who may have the right mindset to ditch their 9-5 and create their own business. Starting your own business ISN’T just about working harder than everyone else around you. It’s about working smarter: knowing what you’re getting into, and knowing your boundaries of what you think you can do on your own: what you’ll need to hire out to do, and if you have the discipline above all, to manage…yourself. It’s also not always peaches n’ cream all the time — you have to be emotionally ready to have ups and downs the whole way through. If you’re thinking about starting your own business — before you even begin the planning phase, you need to look into yourself and decide some things. Read more>>

Oliver Fitzpatrick | Fashion Designer

When starting my business I wanted to create a brand that was for the culture. A brand that shined a more positive light on black men. I’m also a 6’4 man and its very difficult to find stylish clothing in my size. Read more>>