We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Chima Omejia | Visual Artist

Besides deciding to work for myself , the single most important decision that I have made is to stay true to myself, to have faith and belief in myself. You have to believe in yourself first, believe in your vision , trust your self and take that leap of fath. Read more>>

Kisha Simone | Producer and Radio Host

Other than working for myself, the single most important decisikn i made to continue to grind is not stopping after losing EVERYTHING!!! After losing my mom, my grandmother and my uncle within 32 days i found myself giving up and when you are an entrepreneur,thats not an option. LIFE HAPPENS!!! You have to learn how to fight and keep going in the process. Always remember sometimes you have to lose it all to gain YOUR all!!! Kisha Simone Southern Belle Productions Read more>>

Christina”Stina Cherie” Johnson | Influencer & Innovator

The decision to expand my horizon and create a path for myself that was opposite of what my grandma wanted me to do contributed to my success.. She loved me dearly and wanted me to stay close in my home state of Michigan for college, but I knew I was supposed to leave the state. I spent a semester in Kentucky as a student at Kentucky State University. Read more>>