So many of the folks we work with have multidimensional stories. They often aren’t just working on a single project, business or mission – instead they are often involved in so many things all at once and so we often wonder about what they themselves hope their legacy will be about. We’ve shared some of their responses with you below.

Carlos Moreno | Muay Thai teacher and Director of IKF point Muay Thai in Texas

My legacy is Master Cheetah Legacy, my life goal is to spread Cheetah Muay Thai to the community and to help Muay Thai grow through the IKF point Muay Thai events. I am here to help people in that journey. Read more>>

Zach Moffatt | Photographer & Videographer

When I was in high school there was a very large, youthful music scene. You would see posters everywhere for this band of the other and they all had something of the same art style. I would later become close friends with the young man who was responsible for all those posters around town. Upon realizing how much of a influence his art had on my experience with music, I quickly began to understand the place that holds in history and time. Read more>>

Joel Dominguez | Photographer

After I’m gone, I want people to remember me the way I think of Man Ray, Bert Jansch, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and so many others. I want to be a source of inspiration, a visionary, a devotee to his craft. I want to be the catalyst that precipitates a new wave of artists and scholastics. You know, nothing big. Read more>>