In our view, values and principles are the foundation upon which our lives, careers and relationships are built. So, we asked folks we admire to open up to us about the values and principles that matter most to them.

Lynnecia S. Eley | Co-founder Two Queens Media & Soigne’+Swank Magazine™

When it comes to values, personally and professionally, creativity matters most to me. Creativity in business is the ‘art’ of inspiring, motivating and being innovative in solving a need. As a business owner and brand builder, cherishing creativity gives me the freedom to think new and big in all things. As co-founder of Two Queens Media, our mission is to CREATE brand-building opportunities that INITIATE ideas to engage brands and consumers that lead to partnerships. We believe in “Your Brand is Our Business”. Read more>>

Pinklette Designs | Event Planning

The most important value for us is staying true to our authentic selves as this business grows. We want our clients to feel as if they can have open communication with us and they can call us whenever they need something for their event, whether it is a concern, a change, or just a sense of peace of mind. We want our clients to be able to relate to all of us and appreciate our authenticity through their planning process. Read more>>

Noah Hernandez | Live music & portrait photographer, DP, musician & producer

Authenticity. Though difficult, the fruit of not comparing your work to those around you and forging your own unique style and brand is so worth it. In this stage of my career I don’t book as many family or portrait sessions, but that’s because I’m curating a look that can only be found in my work. I want an artist to look back on the work I did for them and think “That represents my personality and mission to the world in a way that I didn’t think was possible.” Read more>>

Mallory Saied | Owner & Chief Christmas Fairy

I remember when I was little and my parents were trying to make an important decision. They taught me to look at three things: 1) Is it the right thing to do? 2) What do you feel in your gut, your heart? Do you feel turmoil or do you have peace? 3) Does it bring joy? Those three criteria still influence me, which impacts my business. One lesson I have learned is to enjoy the process. Keep improving and enjoy the present. These questions help guide in making both personal and profession decisions. My answers have stopped me form making choices and urged me to make other choices. They are the foundation for many of my decisions. Read more>>

Kristin Adams | The Buddy Lab

When reflecting on what value is important, not only to our business, but, but also to me personally, I keep coming back to connection. The relationships we build in life, both personally and professionally, are vital for our mental health and the “health” of our business. Without people, we have no business! I can truly say a huge part of our success has been due to the connections and relationships we have made with our customers and other business owners supporting our ventures. Read more>>