In our view, values and principles are the foundation upon which our lives, careers and relationships are built. So, we asked folks we admire to open up to us about the values and principles that matter most to them.

James Earl | Co-owner and Group Fitness Instructor at Dream Performance & Director of Outreach & Health Equity (Cancer Care Services)

I value consistency in actions and emotions. One of my writers, James Clear, talks about an 1% improvement every single everyday. In the short term, a 1% percent improvement is not discernible, but over months, over years, and even decades, this improvement compounds provided we minimize zero progress days. Read more>>

Kelli Ann Pistokache | Multimedia Producer, Host and Producer of Downstage Dallas the Podcast

You’ve got to keep learning something new, all the time. I’m talking about both for your career and your own personal enrichment. Learning can cultivate hobbies, advance your career, build new relationships, and when you find something you enjoy you naturally want to do more, to know more, to be better. Read more>>

Derrel Hall | Artist—Stylist—Model

Acceptance is an underrated practice. We’ve heard it a million times: love always wins. But love is scientifically broken down to a biological chemical with the mission to protect and further the survival of the human genome. Spiritually, it saves and enhances lives. Both perspectives point to the same goal: improving life. Read more>>

Nikki Nandrasy | Owner & Graphic Designer at NikNan Design

In business and in life, I try to do all things with kindness. I believe everyone and everything can benefit from a little bit of empathy. In my graphic design business, I try to build genuine relationships with my clients. I believe that the more comfortable someone is with me and vice versa, the better the outcome of our project. Read more>>

Lauren Lewchuk | Fine Artist & Designer

A principle that has always been of great importance to me is staying true to myself. This especially applies to my career as an artist. It can be easy getting caught up in what everyone else thinks… worrying about whether everyone likes your style and what you’re doing, always keeping up with current trends, constantly trying to appeal to a larger and larger audience, etc. Read more>>

Kaanji Irby | Diversity & Inclusion Leader & Nonprofit Executive Director

The principles that continue to guide me in my personal life and in my work at EMBRACE Action are love and connection. I often tell my team that making change is not about only appealing to those who are like-minded to you, but to those who are “like-hearted. Read more>>

Kaitie Scoggins | Owner of “sip of my soul jewelry”

One of my core values, and a value I look for in others, is integrity. As a woman of God, wife, mother, and small business owner, I strive to be a person of integrity in each of these areas of my life. Integrity to me means that I believe in being true to oneself. Read more>>