We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Brittney Jordan | Custom Press On Nail Artist

In my experience most people have a certain perception of press on nails. The general public may not realize the many features press ons have in comparison to acrylic applied nails at a salon. With this, my research ensued and I was elated to discover my customers can benefit in so many ways! It was then I became invested to providing nail products that take full advantage of that versatility. As a full time stay at home mom of 2 young toddlers, I can relate to those women that are strapped for time. My products are based on empowering women and allowing them to live like the superwomen they are. I provide them nails that are durable, reusable and completely custom to size, finish, length, charms, hand drawn designs and more. To help with the transition from acrylic, I chose to include our very own application tool bag that is shipped with each order with instructions on how to apply so they take full advantage of the lifespan of the set and apply with confidence. Read more>>

Amy Ammouri | Senior Social Media Manager

What they think: “Oh…so you tweet for a living.” What it really is: *pulls you to the side*…”how much time do you have?” To sum it up, working in Social Media is a beast. If I had one ~hot take~ about working in social media, it would be this. Working in Social Media makes you the most well-rounded in terms of awareness and understanding of your company compared to other roles. Working in social media means 1) Portraying your brand in human characteristics and being able to jump into that persona, 2) Being on top of your company’s values, products & services, marketing, and PR communications on a day-to-day basis (inside and out, through and through, line by line), and 3) Understanding cultural, political, economic, and social happenings and knowing when to join conversations, add to conversations, and stay out of them completely. Read more>>

IMB | Director of Marketing

Infrared Saunas are completely safe for you! In fact, it’s one of the newest and trendiest wellness tactics and great for losing weight, getting you ready for healthy sleep, boosting your immune system, an excellent source for pain relief, and promoting heart, skin and mental health too! Read more>>