We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Sunny Sweeney | Singer/Songwriter/Touring Musician

From the outside, the music industry looks like all fun and games…and it is a large portion of the time: parties, friends, late night hangs, etc. However, what I think people don’t understand is how exhausting the travel is. It’s full of question marks, nails in tires, traffic, late starts for load ins and late nights on the road driving to the next city. Sometimes, we are on the road for two months at a time, so after a couple of weeks of that, the cities and venues literally run together. After this year, however, with all the Covid shutdowns, I have really realized how important sleep is! I guess I had just gotten used to no sleep. I am finally caught up after 18 years! I will learn to manage my time better and sleep when I can, because I am hoping when we start touring again that we just pretty much stay on the road full time to make up for lost time. Read more>>

Kristin Williams | Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian

There is a common misconception that all dietitians preach eating less, exercising more and weight loss. Many people think that dietitians endorse dieting and focus on the number on the scale all in the name of “health.” However, many non-diet dietitians, including myself, practice from an intuitive eating approach where we believe that all foods fit and that a healthy relationship with food is foundational to living a healthy life. Many dietitians, including myself, also practice using a Health At Every Size model and focus on behaviors versus the number on the scale. Read more>>

Eric Hanson | Artist

I tell people that the Art Business is 10% art and 90% business. What I mean by that is I spend approximately ten percent of my time painting, and the rest I spend sending emails, making phone calls, knocking doors, displaying my work, doing research, analyzing my efforts, figuring out my budget, cleaning up after myself, etc. After thinking about it, I realized that’s probably true for any business: There’s what you’re known for — Teaching, Cooking, Accounting, Construction, and so forth — and then there’s everything you need to do behind the scenes to make a living from it. When you have an employer, they’ll take care of most of that stuff, but when you’re by yourself, you have to do it all. If you want to be profitable, anyway. Read more>>

Riley Barkowsky | Photographer

I think people are shocked by how much time goes into each project or shoot. It’s not just picking up a camera, doing some color-correcting edits, and sending off a gallery. There’s time that goes into location scouting, concept-building, the actual photoshoot, editing, etc. Every photographer you hire for whatever event is definitely working a full-time job with their creative businesses, and while it’s fun and rewarding work, there’s a lot of it. Read more>>

Vanessa Michelle | Hairstylist

How much we truly have to offer as stylists to our clients. Sure doing hair at home seems easy enough but with every style/trend comes technique that we as stylists work hard to perfect, and even then still add our own style making it unique. Aside from creating beautiful, cool, or different hair styles we offer a safe space, a listening ear, genuine advice as requested and we experience life with you. The relationship stuff, family, first time buyer celebrations and even unfortunate events like loss in all its forms. Being a hairdresser is so much more than a creative career path. Mentally we are constantly keeping up with the knew and the old, continuously learning, but socially as well, not just chemistry wise. Emotionally we give ourselves to each and every client making self care days extremely important to recharge and give it our all day in and day out. As a client you are not only paying for the specific technique, the service and luxurious products; its the experience, the education, the connections and the safe spaces we provide as well. Read more>>