How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Sarah Billingsley | Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Therapist

Taking risks has been a huge part of my career because, honestly, investing in yourself is a risk by itself. Working in corporations and big businesses can make it difficult to branch out because you’re guaranteed things like employer paid healthcare, retirement, paid vacation time, etc. While I recognize the privilege I have had in having the option to go without these things in order to go into business for myself, I also strongly feel that investing in myself has allowed me to do so much more with my career than I could have ever done under someone else’s thumb. Read more>>

Aneisha Gupta | High School Junior at Plano Senior High School

I consider risks as a great method for anyone who is willing to challenge themselves, and learn valuable life lessons along the way. People take on risks with the primary goal of overcoming them, and lingering hopes that they will hopefully end up in a better state than they started out with, or receive any accolades in return. I personally take on risks to challenge myself, and increase my experience and efficiency when overcoming and dealing with them. Risks have a played a significant role in my life/career, as I find myself being presented with risks on a weekly basis in all aspects of my life. Due to my familiarity, and perseverance when dealing with them, I find myself am being able to overcome them relatively faster pace. Read more>>

Mark Willey | Founder of Offbeat Boxing and Cycling Studios

I try to think about risk only relative to the reward. Focusing too much on the risk can risk the risk more than the risk itself. Make sense? Let me explain. Risk can be defined as exposure to loss or danger. Only thinking about that downside can lead to always deciding not to take the risk, even if that’s not the best decision. It can also lead to poor performance. Let’s say you are overly focused on the risk of failing a test, you may be too stressed to do your best. In both cases, the outcome is impacted by the mere presence of the risk, which has nothing to do with the actual task at hand. Too much focus on potential losses, or the risks, may negatively impact both decision making and performance. Read more>>

Disha Scymone | Hair Stylist & Business Woman

The risk you defines the person you become. Testing limits and pushing yourself will reveal what you’re really made of. When you see everyone taking the right path and you feel like taking the left one will work better for you, That’s risk. Trusting in yourself , work ethic, and self motivation to bring you success. Some days you don’t make a single dollar, the next money won’t stop coming in. It’s the reward of the risk that plays such an important role. Take Risk and Prosper Read more>>

Meg Hudson | Singer/Songwriter of Drive Thru Society

We took lots of risks that probably weren’t considered good “business” decisions at the time, but trusted that God would take care of us if we failed. We decided to put a lot of financial resources into the business (band) in order to put out quality products that people would enjoy. At one point in time in our career, we left our jobs, put our stuff into storage and moved into a friends second bedroom so we could minimize our overhead expense and focus 100% on the band and touring. That was a huge risk and a very scary decision to make, but we knew if we didn’t at least try we would always ask ‘what if..?’. That risk didn’t end up paying off and we lost quite a bit financially and our ideas were scattered to the wind, but God was faithful to provide during that time of rebuilding. Read more>>

America De La Rosa | Hair stylist & waxer

I’ve never thought of myself as a risk-taker, but after looking back on my life I can definitely say I am one. I believe one of the biggest risks I have taken is having a baby at a young age. I had just graduated high school and I had no job, I was risking being able to care for a whole other person, that’s scary!. Another risk I took was when I changed my career, I should say when I got an actual career. I always had jobs but never a career. Accepting any job I could find to pay the bills. Read more>>

Kendra Young | Spiritual healer & Entrepreneur

I think risks are choices that develop ones character and enforces change and growth to show up for yourself . Accountability is exercised as well as while believing in unseen force to have things come together. Risk has personally been a factor in my life on all levels as a women and my personal growth on knowing who I am choosing how long to be in relationships on all levels and creating healthy boundaries and communicating effectively . As a mother parenting differently then I was taught. Read more>>

Kaity Martinez | Photographer

Some people hear the word risk and flee, for me that is the direction I head towards! I have a Master’s Degree in Child Development as I was going to be an elementary school teacher. The biggest risk I have taken was not taking a job in the educational field and starting a career I had no knowledge or training on. I have to say that it was the best risk that I have ever taken and I am extremely proud of how far I have come in my business in just a year. Read more>>

Bianca Soto | Cosmetologists & Salon Owner

Risk taking has played a huge role in my career. Taking risks is necessary for growth in every aspect of life so the business world is no different. Jumping into something new comes with a mixture of fear and excitement. I personally overcome that fear by reminding myself that there is always a solution to every problem, I just need to find it. I also take into consideration that regardless if I am successful or take a loss, in the midst of it all I learned a lesson and gained experience. These lessons and experiences have molded me into the business woman I am today. Read more>>

Gabriela Romero | Licensed Esthetician

I believe that life should be all about taking risk. I used to work a normal 9-6 job and lashed on my free time. I’ve always been that person that strives to do more, if there is anything I could do to improve I will do it! so I decided to take that risk and quit my job to focus on my business full time. I am honestly happier and been building up my clientele Read more>>

Saint Khamal | Business and Events Creative

Thats a very good question. I haven’t really thought much about it unless someone brings it up for the most part. I feel risk is something that everyone should take at some point whether it’s career of life. To think about it I have always taken risk through my life and career, sometimes without second guessing the rewards at the end of the road but knowing something good will happen. My life is filled with risk that have worked out both good and bad but for the the most part good. I wouldn’t say any thing that has worked out on the negative end has blocked my thought process, I’ve just become a bit more calculated if I happen to be in the same position yet again. Everyone in life has to take a risk, I think there is a fulfilling feeling when you can over come a challenge that someone place on you or you just have something to prove to yourself. Read more>>

Jacob Woo | Entrepreneur

I think there is risk in every decision you make big or small. Related to business I think risk needs to be calculated. When you have done your research, have gotten organized, and came up with your 5-10 year business plan then I believe the risk you have taken is calculated and you accept the results of your hard work. Risk has been a big part of my life/career. I dropped out of college with one more year left before I graduated to take a job as a warehouse worker in hopes of making my way up the chain and learning the business side of the flooring world. I have always been part of the flooring world on the labor/installation side, but never on the business side. I worked hard and learned everything I could and when the time came I took the risk to start JW Flooring. Read more>>