How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Igor Karlicic & Bhargav Maganti | Co-Founders

To treat every setback as an opportunity. While this advice is intuitive, it’s worth reflecting on. As business owners, our default goal is make the right decisions; when a mistake inevitably happens, whether due to a miscalculation or an unforeseen circumstance, it’s often easy to be disappointed. Read more>>

Kim Itzla | Owner, Impact Performance and Fitness Southlake, Tx

In my previous career, I was in sales and operations working with Fortune 500 corporations and large healthcare systems for many years so I was exposed to multiple personalities within multiple entities. The lesson that helped me the most is to listen to people and don’t make assumptions. Read more>>

Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg | CEO and Founder, Manoula Marketing

I would definitely say the biggest lesson I’ve learned, both from my career prior to starting my business and now my experience as a business owner, is the importance of having an amazing team. Throughout my career, I’ve seen team members who weren’t the right fit unintentionally cause major damage to companies, and rock star team members boost companies right to the top. Especially in a small business where you may only have a handful of employees or freelancers working for you, every one of them needs to be the perfect fit – and in my experience, if you can put together the right team, you’re unstoppable! Read more>>