How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Tony Cooks | Photographer

Risk is a strong word and we often like to think of it as something negative but I’d like to say that risk is one of the most important things in life. My Life ultimately has been about taking risks and I think if I didn’t take those risks then I definitely wouldn’t be where I am. In life sometimes you never know the outcome of a decision or a choice that you’re going to make but you have to take that risk and realize that if you never try you will never know. It’s not about others believing in you but it’s about you believing in yourself and some years ago I took a risk that has led me to where I am now Read more>>

Alisha Dowd | Sales Rep & CEO of The CRWND BTQ

I think risk taking keeps life fresh! I am a person that doesn’t like monotony, so taking risks is sometimes that best way to see how much more rewarding and fulfilling life can be. Taking a risk brought me to Dallas because I quit my job and moved to a totally different city without a job. It was definitely a leap of faith, but risks have to be calculated as well. They have to be well thought out, but when its time, you just have to go for it. I shortly got a job, my dream job, and it proved that risks are good. Since then, I’ve continued to take risks. My newest being the launch of my boutique, The CRWND BTQ! Since taking the first risk in life, all others don’t seem so scary. Having a plan and trusting in God to direct my steps will always keep me being unafraid of taking a risk! Read more>>

Rocky Njuguna | Lifestyle photographer

We all take risk is our daily lives. From driving to talking to that one girl you like. Most of the time we don’t notice. I Believe risks are a necessity in our daily lives. I’ve took huge risks while picking up a camera. I didn’t know what I was doing at all. Till this day, I’m still taking risks especially if i’m trying to get a good shot. There are 2 ways you can take up risks. The first; Close your eyes, cross your fingers and pray that it goes well, or the second; calculate every possible thing that will go wrong or right. I chose to cross my fingers and pray. Read more>>

Brad Belser | Realtor, Owner of Belser Realty Group

Risk VS reward. That is the only way in my mind there is to look at risk. You have to assess the situation and weigh it out for yourself personally. Less risk usually involves less reward. Before I began my career in real estate, I worked for a large corporation. I made decent money, but I was a slave to a company that really didnt care about me personally. And the pay didnt scale with my effort or dedication. The risk was leaving the security of a 40 hour paycheck each week, losing my employer paid insurance for me and my family and all of the other perks and benefits for the potential to build a successful business and increase my income exponentially. For the opportunity to create a life where I control my day, my schedule, and my income is a direct reflection of my work ethic and drive. Read more>>

Michael Lewis | Audio Engineer & Tour Manager

One aspect to work that people overlook is the TIME investment involved. At many points in my career I’ve been asked to do pro-bono work, and although many people would likely turn down these requests (experience doesn’t put food on the table), I’ve been keen to take such endeavors. One risks being forced to turn away paid work and wasting time yet the majority of the time I’ve been rewarded with better gigs and opportunities. Read more>>