We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Roseanna Burnam | Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist

Ultimately what makes me happy is helping PUP parents and their PUPs live in harmony. I love bridging the gap of frustration and understanding. I am so happy when I can dispel the old uniformed myths of dog training. Creating a positive way to help a dog understand versus force them to do anything is beyond rewarding. It also brings me joy when I am able to help the human side feel confident in the way they have learned to train their own dog. My job is full of joy and I am very lucky to continue to learn how to help my clients speak dog. Read more>>

Elle Monus | Image Consultant

music, making silly faces with the kid in the check-out line and watching people forget to care what others think in moments of joy. That’s what life is really about- creating moments where you can be fully present and enjoy something, no matter how small. Read more>>

Angel De La Cruz | Artist/Creator

Spending time with my family makes me super happy. Before I started my business, I was in Law Enforcement for 11 years. During that time my children were young, I was a single parent, and I had to miss a lot of holidays and family functions due to work. Now I have the freedom to spend time with my family and my new grandbaby whenever I want and I absolutely love that I have that opportunity. Read more>>

Alicia Mitchell | Community Activist/Podcaster

Helping others is what makes me happy! It helps me define my character and stay headstrong towards my morals and principles. I’m all about integrity and accountability. We experience so much adversity in life. That it leaves us hopeless at times. Humanitarianism is truly at the top of my list! Think back in your life how many times someone has helped you to not only grow but to advance when you lost all hope? We all need a helping hand from time to time. I’m also a very big community activist and liaison. Read more>>