We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Robyn Kelly | Entrepreneur

Making an impact on someone’s life is what makes me happy. Whether my time with them was for a few minutes for a conversation or for years within a friendship, I hope I was able to better their life in one way or another. I think I love this so much because I believe sometimes people need that. People need kindness and motivation and I make it a point to share that with whoever I cross paths with. Read more>>

Kayla Tugman | Medical Aesthetician & Permanent Make-up Artist

Connecting with people, sharing stories and experiences, building friendships. That is what life is all about. One reason I love this career so much is the ability to do just that with every client that walks through the door. Creating a supportive environment that allows for the feeling of community to thrive. Read more>>

Mike Lewis | Aviation Mentor, Flight Instructor, and Flight School Owner

Nothing makes me happier than helping others fulfill their dreams and reach their goals to be the best they can be. Whether that’s a student’s first solo, getting their pilot’s license, or adding a multi-engine rating so they can buy and fly a jet, helping others make their dreams come true while making them safe pilots for life is incredibly rewarding. Read more>>

Katherine Elizabeth Long | Founder, Youth Advocate, Technologist, and Author

Being near the water, time and activities with family and friends, the outdoors, and travel and exploration. However, most of all, and like everyone, purpose makes me happy. My purpose is around youth advocacy, empowerment, and education. That purpose makes me happy because children are our future and are the less hardened versions of ourselves. Seeing youth thrive and experience new destinations, new experiences, new perspectives, and new interactions is priceless and leaves me smiling. They keep life in perspective and remind us to keep things simple, honest, and open. Read more>>

Irene Ogeto | Teacher and Blogger

Being out in nature and hiking makes me happy. I truly love the outdoors. Hiking allows me to refresh and re-charge. When am outdoors, I feel free and filled with so much gratitude. Nature really is my therapy. The more I hike the more I’m reminded just how powerful nature is. As I get older, I pray that God will give me strength and continue to keep me in good health so that I can continue to venture out in nature. Read more>>