We have the good fortune of connecting with so many bright, accomplished folks from a variety of industries and we often ask them to tell us what they feel has been the most important factor behind their success. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Jason Graman | Restaurateur & Brand Creator

Tenacity and Adaptability have helped me overcome and face many challenges in my career. While many moments in leadership you find that you have to embody quick decision making skills that show your strength and knowledge to your team. You also have to demonstrate the ability to adapt to fluid moments that require a completely different set of objective decision making. The willingness to learn is part of this process, not giving up and adjusting to new sets of data points. Read more>>

Leigh Ervin | Card My Yard Frisco Franchise Owner

I would say the most important factor behind my success and the success of the brand is my customers. I have so many returning customers who not only continue using Card My Yard Frisco but are always referring me. Word of mouth is so important and knowing that I do a good job for them, makes me think I made the right decision in opening my franchise. I would like to also include that customer service is crucial these days. I understand you can not make everyone happy but I try to. I listen to what my customers want and try to personalize each sign for them. Read more>>

Laura Martinez | Clinical Mental Health Therapist and Shamanic Healer

“The only things you can take with you when you leave this world are the things you have packed inside your heart”- Susan Gale They say that art is an expression of who you are as an individual in the world. Art is our breath, our appearance, our energy, and our work. It is what we do with our time and what we create with our heart while living on this plane of existence. When creating my business and brand, it is central to stay true to my heart, logical and authentic self. Read more>>

Caresse Hickman | Entrepreneur

Consistency. Consistency when it’s hard, when you’re broke, when you’re not seeing results, when you have to go back to the drawing board, consistency when you have no idea if it’ll work or not. You have to have that because when all of those things happen it’s hard to thrive off “passion” you have to see past that and be consistent even when you aren’t sure when you’ll see those results. When you plant a seed it doesn’t grow the next day it takes time and patience. Be patient and stay consistent in your business Read more>>

Gaby Davalos | Fort Worth Photographer

The most important factor to the success of my brand is Jesus. Read more>>

Lizette Abraham | Visual artist

The most important factor in getting what I whant is perseverance, my will to do things and the courage of my desires. It is important for me to work every day in what I want, and to trust me. Knowing how to work with the chaos of ideas is the key. I appreciate my time and the hours of the day. Life gives you a 24 hour check everyday and I decide how to invest it. My photographic work teaches me a lot about how to be patient, meticulous and the value of doing things well. Read more>>

Terri Cirvello | Vintage/Mid Century sales & Nurse Practitioner

I can sum that up in one word, people! The people who have supported me through the evolution of this business and the customers who make it happen on a daily basis. It’s so fulfilling to see people find “that” piece they’ve been searching for that makes their house a home. It’s great getting to meet and talk with our customers and share our love of art, vintage, and of course mid century modern. Read more>>