Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Nikki Belshe | Music Therapist & Private Practice Owner

I believe that our focus on community sets us apart from other group practices. We make it a point to offer opportunities for our music therapy clients and their families to participate in concerts and parties, meet one another, and make their own connections if they choose to do so. Since we are a therapy practice, this is all on a voluntary basis and we abide by HIPAA compliance, of course. We have found that many of our clients and their families are eager to meet one another and make new friendships outside of their normal circles. Read more>>

Stephany Ficut | Luxury Fine Art Maternity & Newborn photographer

I would probably say hard work and discipline. To have a goal and to do anything and everything you can to reach that goal. To never give up. To strive to be better at your craft, it’s a never ending process. Read More>>

Elle Hall – Coleman | CEO

The most important factors behind the success of Girlfriend’s, Budget is my authenticity and my intuition. One critical lesson I’ve learned throughout my entrepreneurship journey is that people choose to buy from you, or work with you based on what they feel about you, so you always want to be authentically yourself. There will also be many people who have “made it” who will try to tell you what or what not to do; however, your intuition will always know what’s best for you. Read more>>

Monica Flores | Elite Endurance Barre Creator

Without a doubt, passion for my art has been the most important factor of my success. Dance has never been recreational for me. When I decided at 16 that I was going to be a dancer, there was no turning back! When you are passionate about what you do, you will strive to be the best. Along the way I have experienced many disapointments, but I am still more successful than if I hadn’t tried at all! I believe that an audience senses when a person has a deeply rooted passion for what they do. Read more>>

Ashley Caballero | Non Profit Founder & Personal Assistant

Community is everything – especially within a non profit organization. There are some hard seasons when you pray to just sell enough t-shirts at your event that 10 people come to and those 10 people are all just your close friends. There are other seasons where you host 250 people at a Benefit Concert and you don’t know 75% of them. In each scenario you rely on, you pray for, you hope your community shows up and you hope they believe in what you are saying. When you take non profit work and you match it with mental health awareness, you create this realm of safety and boldness. Read more>>

Delia McLinden | FarmHouse Fresh VP, Sales & Co-Founder

We use the ’75 percent rule’ a lot at FarmHouse Fresh. If we have a great idea that we feel in our heart of hearts needs to be implemented or created, we do it, even if it’s only figured out 75 percent of the way. Often, if you wait to have every single detail, overthink things or wait to make sure something is perfect, you’ll never get it off the ground. You’ll lose valuable time and momentum. So we say get it started if you’re 75 percent of the way and then we can make adjustments and figure the rest out along the way! Read more>>

Kami Guidry | Individual & Relational Therapist

The most important factor behind my success is passion. While I am a naturally motivated and determined individual, the passion I have for the work I do and the people I serve is what drives and inspires me the most. Read more>>

Nicole Hawthorne | Handmade bath and body products

The driving force behind NHCO has been ironically the grief and post-traumatic stress of losing my only child. Surviving that experience left me with a sense of fearless, where I felt like I didn’t have anything to lose. Those emotions led me to take huge leaps of faith that I never would have taken before, even if cautiously. NHCO was founded as a result of that tragic event in my life in an effort to create truly clean bath and body products, and to honor my unborn baby. Read more>>