Getting to do what you love? Providing for your loved ones? What does success mean to you? Below you’ll find perspectives from some of the city’s best and brightest.

Brian Scartocci | Soul Singer – Song Writer – Frontman Extraordinaire

Success, to me, has a balance. I’d say it’s half internal, half external. I can write a song that I’m really proud to lay down and leave for the world, and I’ll feel great about getting as far as recording it and wrapping it up – presenting it. But if that song doesn’t perform well, if people aren’t streaming it, if it doesn’t get a genuine reaction at live shows – that affects the way I feel about that song going forward. With music, it’s sometimes tough to balance what makes you feel good creatively with how well you’re eating. Read more>>

Falen Cox | Attorney and Entrepreneur

My definition of success has changed over time, and I imagine that it will continue to evolve as I get older, wiser, and have different experiences. I also think that there are different types of success and different ways to be successful. As it relates to difference types of success, sometimes it depends on where you start; it’s not always a clear finish line and sometimes, even if there is a clear finish lines success might not require reaching it. For example, in my work as an attorney I might have a client who is in a situation where the odds are stacked against him/her. Read more>>

Rick Graves | Contractor and Business Development

I define success by the impact I make on the people I interact with. My dad told me a long time ago. Money doesnt equal success. People are successful all the time and dont end up with money. Some have all the money and still dont feel success. Those words helped me to realize that success is different to everyone. For me, being able to contribute to the successes of those around, to see them overcome adversity and “beating the odds” is a real success in life. Read more>>

Taylor Chapman | Director, Producer, Photographer & Videographer

I define success as finding your true happiness and purpose. I noticed fairly young that it’s easy to get caught in a rat race with unmotivated intentions. By finding these two things you will feel a level of accomplishment. No matter what we do, we must feed our inner core. From there, everything will become a ripple effect towards your success in life. Read more>>

Deanna Alexander | Artist & HR Professional

I define success by showing up FOR YOU. Thats all you need to do in life both personally and professionally. Life is so much more fulfilling and enjoyable when we show up for ourselves and put in effort. Fear will try to hold you back but pushing through and taking a step forward anyway is a beautiful thing. Success is simply showing up to live life and doing so as authentically as possible. Read more>>