We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Dom Hernandez | Wedding Filmmaker

Having a business within an industry that revolves around one single day leaves how I am to be remembered on said day with a lot of pressure. But, I gladly welcome that. When you think about all of the time, emotions, and money that couples put into their wedding day, I can only arrive on this day with enthusiasm and energy to create the best work for the couple. Read more>>

Lisa McNiel | Photographer, wife and mom

What do we remember about people who have passed? We remember how they made us feel. We remember their talents, intelligence and work ethic, yes… But we really remember how they treated us, how they loved others. When you consider your own legacy, you want to think in terms of what you have passed on, what you’ve left for and in other people. I guess I will feel like a success if I leave with others seeing that I did my best to see people and eternal and valued by God. Read more>>

Lauren Zeek | Small Business Owner & Sweet Treat Baker

What I hope people remember about me, more than making awesome sweets, is that I love the Lord. I pray that I live my life in such a way that others come to know Christ. I love running my own business and truly believe I am successful at it because I have followed God’s lead throughout the process. I hope that all of my customers feel cared for, welcome, and celebrated during our interactions, and that the sweet treats they get are a bonus on top of the way they are cared for during the ordering and creating process. Read more>>

Leo Rain | Recording Artist & Songwriter

Out of all of the healthy habits I’ve developed over the year, there are 3 major habits that I feel really helped me succeed. The first habit is something I learned from the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear called choice architecture. This is the practice of constantly building environments that are helpful to you maintaining the habits you want to build. I use this in my studio all the time to help my mind feel clear, but to also stay on track of what my goals are for the day. Read more>>

Kaylee Criswell | Licensed Professional Counselor and Small Business Owner

More than any “business savvy” or prior knowledge about the counseling field, I think the three habits that have served me the most in the operation of my business are a growth mindset, flexibility, and a genuine interest in the welfare of others. For me, a growth mindset means a constant curiosity about anything that arises within the business for which I am lacking prior knowledge. Read more>>

Indiia S.W. | Artist, Photographer & Chandler

There are a number of habits that I feel are a requirement to be successful. One of the most important for me has been perseverance. I truly believe that if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. I am constantly working to better everything associated with me and my business. Whether it’s time management, knowledge of products , discipline … it all comes down to staying persistent. Read more>>