We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

DeVonte’ “Deeor” Harris | Fashion Designer & Creative Director

I want my legacy to be grand of course! I want people to see me as an inspiration for doing your best in life every day. I want to leave this world helping people as much as I can. To show people anything is possible with faith and having a good heart. I believe I am here for a certain purpose higher than most and I know I am here to fulfill great things beyond just my art. I want to be a revolutionary in not just the fashion world, but in the actual world too. A one of kind that people can look up to and be inspired to do the right thing! I want people to remember me not only for my words, but my heroic actions. People have sweet words with rotten actions and my legacy will be different. When people hear my name they’ll say, “he’s the one”, he is the one who really changed the world for better. My name is going to be golden. Read more>>

Dillon Baxter | CEO & Co-Founder of PlantSwitch

I want to be the person who led the world’s transition away from plastic items to plant-based alternatives. Read more>>

Madison Mitchell | Professional photographer: Specializing in portraiture, studio/commercial work, direction of photography/creative direction, graphic/web design.

To whom it may concern— In regards to the legacy I desire to be the memoir of my essence to all that I was, if nothing else, that I was cinematically passionate, unintentionally inspirational and everlastingly spellbound by the timeless shackles of heavy hearted depth & an illuminated balance of self discovery proving to show that any soul can attain that hidden truth of what lies within the answer of the world’s utmost questionable mystery: what is my purpose and am I capable of living it out to the fullest of satisfaction? Within that threshold of such countless hours, late nights under windy caresses of the universe and moments shared creatively I’ve long curated upon step by step; Read more>>